Zinda Chords by Happy Raikoti (Guitar)

Love can happen at any place with anyone at any time but what follows when the love fizzles out is heartache and pain. Zinda is the latest single that perfectly talks about this feeling. It has been sung, composed and written by the most talented musician Happy Raikoti. This song belongs to the feature film soundtrack genre and is a guitar-based song that uses drums and other instruments euphoniously. Zinda chords are simple and easy and can be played by the beginners and amateurs too quite fluently. The guitar chords of Zinda are four in number and they are F#m, A, Bm, D. The song has been played in the F#m scale with a tempo of 63 and a signature 4/4 beat. The song is a soulful rendition with some groovy beats. The chords of Zinda have a smooth and harmonious progression. You are bound to fall deeply in love with the song.

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Happy Railkoti—Zinda Guitar Chords

Song Scale/Key: F#m
No. of Chords: 4
Chords Used: F#m, A, Bm, D
Time Signature: 4/4
Song Tempo: 63

Intro Music:
[F#m] [A] [Bm] [Bm]
[F#m] [A] [Bm] [D]

[F#m]Me ni khenda saahanchh
Sam[A]aake rakh le [Bm]ni

[Bm](Sama ke rakhleni…)

[F#m]Dil wale seeshechh
Ja[A]da ke rakh le ni[Bm]
[D](Jadaa ke rakhleni…)

[F#m]Me ni kehnda saahan’chh
S[A]ama ke rakh leni
[Bm]Dil wale seeshe’chh
[Bm]Jada ke rakh leni

J[F#m]ada ke rakh le ni

Mainu pa[A]iraan de wich rol bhavein
Tu ka[Bm]khan de wich tol bhavein
Chaahe p[D]yaar naal na bol bhaavein

Bass [F#m]enna nehdey rak[A]hle
Ke zi[Bm]nda reh jaawan
Enna d[F#m]urr vi na ho[A]vi
Kitte ka[Bm]lla rh jaw[D]aan

Bas e[F#m]nna nehde rakh[A]le
Ke ji[Bm]nda reh jaawan

[F#m] [A] [Bm] [F#m] [A] [Bm] [D]

[F#m]Dil kare te[A]ra tu rozz rawa[Bm]aaya kr (Rawaya kar…)
[F#m]Marzi teri tu ji[A]nne laare l[Bm]aya kr [D](laaya kar…)

Bas ak[F#m]hiyaan de tu nehde reh
Mainu [A]pagal jhalla jo vi keh
Ek vaa[Bm]ri mera naam taan’le

Mere [F#m]chahwaan nu tu todd bhaave
Mere sa[A]are supne rodd bhaave
Saddi [Bm]tennu nahiyo lodd bhaav[D]e

Bass [F#m]enna nehdey rak[A]hle
Ke zi[Bm]nda reh jaawan
Enna d[F#m]urr vi na ho[A]vi
Kitte ka[Bm]lla rh jaw[D]aan

Bas e[F#m]nna nehde rakh[A]le
Ke ji[Bm]nda reh jaawan

[F#m] [A] [Bm] [F#m] [A] [Bm] [D]

I[F#m]kk hor seh jo tere [A]laayi haan [Bm]kr sakda
Je ma[F#m]rke he mil[A]na tere laayi [Bm]mar sak[D]da
Happy [F#m]Raikoti tera aye tu pa[A]aya jya ta fera aey
Mere [Bm]dil vich tera dera aye

Ni ho[F#m]rr kise da ho sakda
Tere pa[A]iraan nu vich’on sakda
Par t[Bm]ainu nahiyo kho sak[D]da

Bas [F#m]enna nehde ra[A]khle
Ke z[Bm]inda reh jawaan
Enna d[F#]oor vi na ho[A]vi
Kitte ka[Bm]lla reh jaw[D]aan
Bs [F#m]enna nehde ra[A]kh le
Ke z[Bm]inda reh jaawa
Enna d[F#m]oor vi naa ho[A]vi
Kitte ka[Bm]lla reh jaaw[D]an

Bas [F#m]enna nehdey rak[A]hle
Ke z[Bm]inda reh jaawan

Song Credits

Song Title: Zinda
Singer/Artist: Happy Raikoti
Lyrics by Happy Raikoti
Music Composition: Goldboy & Happy Raikoti
Language: Punjabi
Music Label: White Hill Music
Release Date: 8 August 2019

Song Video

ZINDA : Happy Raikoti | Goldboy | Sukh Sanghera | New Punjabi Song 2019 | Ishtar Punjabi

More About the Song: Zinda is an intensely heart rendering song. The lyrics are extremely emotional and touching. This Punjabi track is already winning hearts all over the world and will surely become the chartbuster song. The tune is doleful and melancholic. Happy Raikoti is nothing but a genius. His knowledge of music and his talent has kept us spellbound. This song is one of his finest compositions till date. The music runs on at a gentle pace and you can feel the sense of pathos that is imbibed in every bit of this melody. This soundtrack is extremely soothing and pacifying. With a few crests and troughs in between, this number is quite doleful and sorrowful. Happy’s vocals are very dulcet and mellifluent. His voice is sheer bliss to the ears and it is for him that you are forced to come back to this melody again and again. Trending all over, the video of this song is heart wrenching and very dismal. This melody harmonises well with the pensive and wistful mood. And if you are someone who is facing a painful separation or a heartbreak and want to release your agony through music then this Punjabi sad number is just the right one for you.

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