Top 5 Handpicked Tabla Hard Case [Fiberglass/Trolley/Wheels]

Are you looking for Hardcase/ fiberglass case/ trolley bag for Tabla? | The tabla is an extremely famous and remarkable wood and camel skin instrument designed by cutting a pakhawaj into half. It is quite an ancient instrument and is still used extensively in the Indian music industry. It is one of the most commonly used percussion instruments. Usually, it is played in Indian music and also western fusion. Whether you are a beginner (maybe) or you are an experienced player, one thing that you should remember regarding your instrument is that it requires proper care. You have to buy a perfect carrying case for your tabla in which you can keep it after use.

#1 Bharti Enterprise Fibre Glass Tabla Case

This case gives ideal protection for air travel, and protection for your close to heart tabla. Lined with plush velvet for maximum protection. I would always recommend purchasing a reviewed and rated case for any instrument, not only is it ideal for traveling, it also preserves the finish of your instrument.

It is of excellent quality and also has built in trolley for easy transportation and shipping. The case is unbendable and one need not worry about in-flight storage on top of the case. The case is provided with four latches, two lengthwise and one each on the breadth, each one opening separately and hence the case does not open even if one latch fails.

Fiber Tabla Cover for 2 Tablas and 1 Dayak

#2 This black case by Sai Musical is the ideal decision for shielding your instrument from any conceivable harm. It contains a solid wooden casing that goes about as a phenomenal safeguard and is extremely light in weight for easy transportation. This is surely an entirely strong decision that highlights top quality metallic equipment and precise sewing.

The outside contains nylon stitched onto the frame of best quality that makes it water repellent and forestalls potential harm to your tabla. It consists of sturdy zippers, climate safe coating and elite handle configuration highlighting agreeable handle wrap. The inside comprises of exceptionally delicate velvet coating that protects the instrument.

Furthermore, it has separate compartments for the mouthpiece and neck. There is a substantial front pocket on the outside in which you can keep the tuning hammer. The elastic feet and the movable shoulder tie make it a progressively attractive choice.

#3 Without a doubt, it does not have a popular model name, yet this 3 in 1 tabla set unquestionably is serious about protecting your apparatus. This lightweight, yet strong case is the ideal fit for the tabla. It sits inside the extravagant velvet coating snuggly and does not move about when the cover is shut. Remotely, the case is fitted with TSA endorsed hooks, one which can be bolted when putting the case through airplane terminal security and into aeroplanes. Thus, you ought to experience no difficulty motivating your tabla to travel securely and safely around world and not stress a lot over the excess baggage costs.

It is extremely easy to carry when you travel via air and can even suit numerous accessories as well, on the off chance that you want to utilise an assortment of hammers or bases. The outside is made with an strong fibre glass and the delicate cushioning inside keeps your tabla from knocks and scratches between gigs.

#4 Sampoorna Enterprises is a well known name that provides great quality instrument cases of a vast variety. Among its lines of cases, the one under consideration here is widely used and preferred for the tabla. This hard-shell case is not heavy at all and the super padded interior provides full protection to the instrument.

The precise design, notable construction quality, and affordable cost, make it a perfect pick. As far as the manufacturing material is concerned, it is made up of highly packed fibre glass which make it even more long lasting. The trolley makes transportation easier. There are separate padded compartments as well. Furthermore , it consists of a front multiple slot pocket and a spacious exterior pocket for storage of accessories.

#5 Trading Dukan has a moderately priced option for people who would prefer not to spend much on purchasing a case. But the cost does not influence its quality and it is cautiously made to give top protection to your tabla. In contrast to a large portion of the cases, this one is rectangular fit as a fiddle.

The quality is incredibly great. It comprises of quality material and best level padding that makes it vigorous. The delicate padding inside and the suitable size of the case makes your tabla stable inside and protects it.

The equipment is made solid for security and the grasp handle makes it extremely simple to convey. You can purchase this decisively as it accompanies a certification of 100% fulfillment.

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