Easy: Sagar Se Bhi Gehra Chords with Strumming Pattern + Tutorial

God created this universe. We are all His children and His love for us is beyond everything. The melody Sagar se Bhi Gehra by Aaghaz talks about this feeling about our love and devotion towards him. This song is a Christian track which shows our reverence and respect for the Almighty. Composed, penned and sung by the members of Aaghaz, this is a very mesmerising hymn that fills our hearts with love for our Lord. Sagar se Bhi Gehra chords are simple and easy and can be strummed by the beginners as well. The guitar chords of Sagar se Bhi Gehra are G, D, C, Em. The song has been played in the G scale with a moderately paced tempo and a signature 4/4 beat. Sagar se Bhi Gehra guitar chords have a harmonious progression and follow a strumming pattern of D UDUD UDUD DU or D UUD UUD.

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Sagar Se Bhi Gehra Guitar Chords

Chords Used: G, D, C, Em
Strumming Pattern: D UDUD UDUD DU or D UUD UUD

[G]Sagar se bhi [C]gehra
[D]Parvat se bhi [G]uchha
[G]Taaro se bhi [C]jyaada
[D]Pyaar hai [G]tera

[G]Sagar se bhi [C]gehera
[D]Parbat se bhi [G]unchha
[G]Taaro se bhi [C]jyaada
[D]Pyaaar [D]haii [G]tera

[G]Pyaar hai[Em] Tujhse he [G]pyaar hai[Em]
[C]Pyaar hai [D]Tujhse [G]prabhu
[G]Pyaar hai[Em] Tujhse he [G]pyaar hai[Em]
[C]Pyaar hai [D]Tujhse [G]Yeshu

[G]Hallelujah [G]Hallelujah [C]Pyaar hai [D]tujhse
[G]Hallelujah [G]Hallelujah [C]Pyaar hai [D]tujhse

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More About the Song: Sagar se Bhi Gehra also known as Pyaar hai is a song that is spiritual in nature. It gives us a very important religious message. God is our sole creator and it is because of His mercy that we have come into existence. If He wasn’t there, we would never have come into being in this vast and endless cosmos. And since He has atoned our sins and loved us selflessly, this prayer song is a tribute to Him, telling Him about our pure faith in Him. This melody is a Christian song but people of all religions can find themselves relating to it. Because each religion tells us how God loves us and how we should surrender solely to Him and believe Him and His ways blindly. The music is quite groovy and the beats are soft and subtle. It is a melody to which we can all sway in worship. The voice of the singer is quite smooth and velvety and he keeps us bewitched with his mellifluent vocals. So if you want to take a moment and thank God by expressing your gratitude towards Him, then play this song as a means of prayer and show God your love for Him.

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