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Monsoon is the season of love and romance. It is the time when the rain hits the scorching ground and cools the parched land. And monsoons in Bengal are a different kind of bliss. Khichuri ar papad bhaja r ki kono tulona hoi? R oidike Ilish er somae je. Borsha e Ilish khabona tae kokhono hoi. R dupurer sei bhaat ghum. Tarpor bikele uthe ek cup cha r tar sathe gie pakora r beguni. Aaha! Ki modhur misti ei Borsha kaal. And what acts as an icing to the cake is music. What makes life more perfect than some melodious music specially Rabindra sangeet with the rains at the backdrop and a cup of tea and snacks laid in front. Makes life look magical right? But often we do not know which music to play and enjoy the rains even more. But worry not. Because here is a curated playlist of all those songs specially made for you to feel and relish this wonderful phenomenon of nature.

“কিছুতে কেন যে মন লাগে না।
ঝরো ঝরো মুখর বাদল দিনে ||”

(Don’t know why my mind runs away
On this tempestuous cloudy monsoon day)

– Rabindra Nath Tagore

The songs that you would love to serenade with in this rainy season are:

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Pata Jhora Brishti from Chaplin

This is an intensely heart-warming song that just makes us sit back, relax and enjoy the torrential downpour.

Rimjhim E Dharate from Premer Kahani

This is a track that comes first to the mind whenever we talk about monsoons. The conversational lyrics and the mesmerising tune are just perfect on a rainy afternoon.

Rimjhim E Dharate - Film Premer Kahini.

Jao Pakhi Bolo from Antaheen

This is an evergreen song that showcases the happy and cheerful feelings we get when we see the rains.

Amar Sarata Din Meghla Akash

This is a song from an album by the versatile Srikanto Acharya is the track made just for the rainy season only. This romantic number will not only make you happy but will also help you express love in a unique way.

Tumi Ele Onek Diner Pore Brishti Elo by Hemanta

This song by Hemanta is a melody that not only brings out the romantic fervour but also is quite a mood setter if you want to serenade in the rains with your lover in your arms.

Aar Koto Raat Eka Thakbo from Chokher Aaloye

This song from Chokher Aaloye is a legendary classic song that brings out passionate and romantic feelings that will drive you just crazy about the song.

Mono mor meghero songi by Tagore

This is the perfect companion on a rainy afternoon. The song is just bliss to the ears and gives a refreshing and an aesthetic feel to the anxious and agitated soul.

Aji jhoro jhoro mukhoro badoro dine by Tagore

This is a very beautiful melody that will surely make you fall in love with the clouds, the storms, the wet land and the drizzling rain.

Ami meghla dine ekla from Shesh Porjonto

This is a classic sung by the veteran singer Hemanta. This song is the sweet romantic rendition that will not only pacify your mind but also will surely bring a smile on your face.

Pagla haoway badol dine by Tagore

This is perhaps the song that every Bengali knows by heart and cannot skip on the sweet tempest day.

Mor bhabonare by Tagore

This is the ideal melody gifted to us that uplifts the mood in a jiffy. This soulful rendition is the one which you will want to listen to on loop when it rains hard outside.

Jhinti Tui Brishti Hote Parthis by Shilajit

This is a very playful and bubbly number that will make you tap your feet, snap your fingers and sway on a rainy day with happy memories and an energised spirit.

Shangana gagane ghor ghanaghata by Tagore

This is that track without which this list would have remained incomplete. The pitter patter of the rain, that water droplet trickling down the window pane, and a whirlpool of emotions is brought to life by this enchanting melody.

Komlo Megheder Ojon by Rupam Islam

This is a song that has a very groovy feel, and harmonizes with a pensive and contemplative mood while you watch the rain and let it seep into your soul.

Tumi Bristi Te Bhijo Na by Bhoomi

This lastly completes this list and keeps us hooked onto this song making us savour each drop of rain as it goes rolling down.

The Bengali music industry has always relied on the use of rains as a method of narration and story-telling. Nostalgia, romance, grief, pain, happiness, ecstasy- every feeling has been described by the rains in Bengali songs in a very enticing and bewitching way. These are some of the best Bengali songs that are perfect for the monsoons and this list will surely brighten your day and make you wait for the rains to fall. Karon gaan chara ki r Bristi bhalo lage?

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