Lovely & Best Bengali Wedding Songs for Bride Entry | Handpicked

Weddings are a festival in themselves. Different cultures and religions have different wedding styles, but Bengalis have the most unique wedding custom. A week long ceremony filled with fun and frolic, Bengali weddings are a family re-union with rich mouth-watering delicacies and decking yourself up in the best manner possible. But a wedding is always incomplete without music, don’t you agree?
So if you are planning to tie the knot, here are some Bengali wedding songs compiled into a list just for you. If there is no music, then there is no life at all in any event and how can we exclude the soul of music from something as important as a wedding? And Bengali wedding songs have a class of their own. So here are some Bengali wedding entry songs for bride that we present before you.

The Bengali wedding songs are:

1. Laje Ranga Holo Kone Bou Go by Arati Mukherjee is a beautiful melody that portrays the blushing bride as she enters the scene to get married to the groom. This melody is a must play as the bride is carried down the aisle.

2. Sumangali Bodhu by Kana Bhadra is an old retro hit which is still as fresh as the morning dew. This song eulogises the bride and no other melody is as fit as this one for playing while the beautiful bride enters.

3. Ogo Bodhu Sundori by Rabindranath Tagore is the song that talks about the beauty and the elegance of the to-be bride and is a must play during the wedding.

4. Shonakathi rupokotha from Ghare and Baire is a song for the bride only. Her feelings, the whirlwind of emotions she faces on her best day has been beautifully elucidated in this melody and is the perfect mood setter while the bride makes her mesmerising entry.

5. Rangabati from Gotro is the latest buzz in the town and to miss this floor filler in the wedding is an absolute loss.

6. Je kawta din from Baishe Shravan is a romantic song and this melody has been made for the great pompous Bengali weddings only.

7. Palki te bou chole jai is a modern hit that has to be played mandatorily in every wedding. An exciting song with some groovy beats, it is a very popular song that captures the fun moments of a wedding.

8. Mala re from Romeo is a very jovial and bubbly melody that is quite fun to hear and very serenading to dance for the kith and kin of both the bride and the groom.

9. Sundori Komola is a famous folk song. Praising the charms of a charming lady, this song is just the one that ought to be played when the bride enters.

10. Mon more megher songi by Tagore is a song that all the Bengalis know by heart. Bengal is incomplete without Tagore, and this wedding song perfectly captures the Bangaliyana in the weddings.

11. Ei Rat Tomar Amar by Hemanta Mukherjee is a romantic timeless classic that is perfect for a lovey-dovey entry of the bride.

12. Dao gaye holud is a famous song that marks the onset of the rituals in a Bengali wedding and is a must in this playlist as well.

13. Dekhte bou bou from Sudhu Tomari Jonne is a nice Bengali wedding song that has some hilarious lyrics and teases the relationship of the to-be bride and groom in a light-hearted way.

14. Pagole kina bole by Babul Supriyo and Shreya Ghoshal is a very funny and groovy song which will make you dance and show off your moves.

15. Tomay Sajabo Jatane by Kanan Devi is the perfect wedding song in which the bride can make a grand and head-turning entry.

Marriages are made in Heaven. It is a sacrosanct bond between two people who commit their lives to each other for each other. So to solemnize this holy bond everything should be perfect. And music adds the perfection. R Jodi bie te nach e na holo, tahole holo ta ki kaka? Jomie fatie nacha, sundor sherwani, suit r saree pore selfie tola, r kobji dubie khawa e toh Bangali bie er ashol moja. R sekhane bhalo gaan chai e chai. So check out this list of popular and trending Bengali wedding songs and groove and dance your heart out to these rocking melodies of all times.

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