KK- The Legend (Krishna kumar Kunnath)

Krishnakumar Kunnath alias KK is a name that no Indian can ever forget. Leave Indians, no one all across the globe can ever get over the charms and that magical voice of KK. He was someone who could even make a stone fall in love. Such was the magic and power of his velvety smooth and mellifluous vocals. He was not just any person or singer. He was love. He was an emotion. He was a friend. He was a saviour. His voice helped us sail through life. He was there throughout our hardships, partings and good times. His voice, his songs- they were all so very addictive. And his sudden unfortunate demise is indeed heart-breaking. This is a huge loss, an irreparable damage and nothing or no one can ever fill this void that he has now left us with. All that is remaining is his wonderful and touching melodies and that enigmatic and enchanting voice that will make him immortal and eternal.

KK started his career in the 90s. Though he never received any formal training in music, yet his skills and vocalic overtures were just beyond perfection. There was and rather is (since he will always be alive in our hearts) a different expertise in his voice which made him stand out from the rest. His vocals had a very fine and rich texture and a tinge of baritone made his voice drool-worthy. His voice had emotions, love and passion. He could justly bring out whatever feeling the song wanted to convey. Be it heart-breaks or pure adulation and romance, his voice would make you feel your heart out. He gifted us with some damn good dating numbers, some songs that would make you cry your lungs out and some songs that would make you dance like there is no tomorrow. His angelic voice was so refreshing that our days would remain incomplete without listening to him for once. He could rejuvenate your soul in a blink of an eye.

Coming back from school and turning on the TV to listen to Tu hi meri shab hai and Ab to forever would bring so much of bliss that is just irreplaceable. During days of failure or rejection, songs like Alvida and Beetein Lamhe and Sach keh raha hai deewana (Guitar Chords) would just calm your heart down making you stand strong to face that devastating break-up like a valiant soldier. And he was there with Ha tu hai, Sajde and Tu Aashiqui hai when you went to confess your love to your someone special but couldn’t find the right words. Kya mujhe pyar hai, Khuda jaane, Dil kyun yeh mera, Abhi abhi– the perfect songs where you could serenade with your lover in your arms. Yaaron dosti, Hum rahe ya na rahe kal, Junoon– the songs for friendship and that unbreakable bond that is your second family and siblings from other parents. These melodies would make our gloomy days bright and bring a wide smile on our faces that would make things alright. It is really unfair that God had to call him back so fast. There were a lot of more performances left, a lot of more songs remaining, there were a lot of miles that had to be walked still. He is a legend who went too soon leaving us all behind with a grief that is unfathomable and a heart that has shattered into millions of pieces.

KK, we will always be grateful to you for Awarapan Banjarapan, O Meri Jaan, Tadap Tadap, O Humdum Soniyo Re, Zara sa, Dil Ibadat and the list is never-ending. Thank you for your lovely albums- Humsafar and Pal. Thank you for the regional songs in so many different languages like Bengali, Odia, Gujarati, Tamil, Assamese and other Indian languages. Thank you for entertaining us and helping us through the various phases of life. Thank you for sharing with us your versatile talent and your God-gifted voice. You made our childhood, adulthood and every age of our lives radiant and hopeful. Your voice cured depression. Your voice gave us optimism. You are love and it is just not done that you had to leave so soon.

But we do know that he is in the loving arms of God right now and his soul is Resting in Power. There is no Alvida for you, and no we won’t mourn with Hum rahe ya na rahe kal. Because, we have only one thing to say to you and this is how we will remember you always-

“Kyunki tu dhadkan, main dil! <3”

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