Khoobsurat Hai Lyrics by Alright! – Backpackers | Song Video Included

Khoobsurat Hai is a song which is true to its name. This beautiful melody from the web series Backpackers, has been sung, composed and penned down by the maestro Udit Shandilya. This song talks about love, romance and passion and is a melody with which most of you can relate to. Khoobsurat Hai lyrics have been provided here. The lyrics of Khoobsurat Hai given here are totally verified and accurate. The melody uses guitars harmoniously and the composition is actually bliss to the ears. The lyrics are quite conversational and heart-warming. The track is nothing but pure delight. From the feature film soundtrack genre, the guitar chords of Khoobsurat Hai are easy and simple and the beginners too can strum them fluently.

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Alright Khoobsurat Hai Lyrics – Backpackers

Khoobsurat Hai
Ye din mila
Aa tu bhi mujhse mil
Mere paas aa
Bs tu aur me ho re

Intezaar kare mere dil ke khaali kamre

Tu aye to dhadkan badh jaati hai
Fir jaaye to mujh ko sataati hai
Oh bekhabar sacch karde saare sapne

Rakhle sar mere seene pe tu
Aja akele me or bas tu rahe

Ye jism tera
Meri jannat
Badan ye tera
Meri hazrat

Choo lu tujhe tar jau me
Kitni tu khoobsurat hai

Sare aam me ha kar du ye elaan
Ha tujhse he karta hun me to pyar
Oh besabar milne ko tarsa yu me

Jb haath me tera wo haath ho
Aur tu mere bilkul he pass ho
Tere hothon pe chalde yu labh ye mere

Likhun aa tujh ko me firse
Sarahun teri adaaon ko me
Fir se

Ye jism tera
Meri jannat
Badan ye tera
Meri hazrat

Choo lun tujhe tar jau me
Kitni tu khoobsurat hai

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Khoobsurat - Official Lyrical Video | Alright! - Backpackers | Hattke

Khoobsurat Hai is a very romantic melody. This song talks about the emotion of love and romance which we feel and harbour in our hearts, but cannot express. Often feelings come to the lips but remain unsaid. As the eyes do the talking, the lips remain shut. It is in these times that this melody comes to rescue, by saying all those heartfelt feelings and confessing love to the dear beloved. This song will keep you hooked onto it and you will be compelled to come back to it again and again. The video of this track is very mesmerising to watch as it has been shot in the exotic mountainous location. Khoobsurat hai is the perfect wingman on a romantic dinner date with your beloved in your arms.

Song Credits

Singer/Artist: Udit Shandilya
Music Composition: Udit Shandilya
Lyrics by Udit Shandilya
Language: Hindi
Web Series: Backpackers
Music Label: Alright

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