Easy Kalimba Happy Birthday Notes for Beginners & Intermediate (Tabs/Chords)

So it is the birthday of someone very special and close to you and you are looking for ways to surprise that person. Well, here is a nice thing which you can gift to that person. Sing him or her Happy Birthday and play it out on Kalimba. Kalimba is a very unique pluck instrument and anyone can play it easily with numbers or notes. Happy birthday kalimba notes have been provided here. These easy notes can be played by the beginners or players at the intermediate level. The Kalimba tabs are simple and easy. Kalimba notes can be played with both numbers and letters. The Kalimba notes with numbers are 5, 6, 1 and 4 mainly. The Kalimba notes with letters are mostly G, A, C and F.

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Play Happy Birthday on Kalimba with Numbers

5 5 6-1 5 1º 5-7
Happy birthday to you
5 5 6-4 5 2º 1º-1
Happy birthday to you
5 5 5º-1 3º
Happy birthday
1º1º 4-7 6
Happy birthday
4º 4º 3º-5 1º 2º 1º-1
Happy birthday to you!

Play Happy Birthday on Kalimba with Tabs/Notes

G G A-C G Cº G-B
Happy birthday to you
G G A-D G Dº Cº-C
Happy birthday to you
G G Gº-C Eº
Happy birthday
Cº Cº F-B A
Happy birthday
Fº Fº Eº-G Cº Dº Cº-C
Happy birthday to you!

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Kalimba Happy Birthday Tabs Tutorial Video

【Kalimba Tabs】Happy Birthday

Easy Kalimba Happy Birthday Tabs for Beginners

Easy Kalimba Happy Birthday song tutorial w/ tabs

Kalimba happy birthday notes have been given here and they are totally accurate and verified. Birthdays as we all know are too special. And when it is the birthday of our beloved people then it is our duty to make this day unforgettable for that person. So singing the mandatory birthday song but with a flavour of exotic instruments is the best gift someone can present. It not only brings a smile on the faces of our loved ones but also makes the surprise offbeat and unique. So if you are just learning how to play this mesmerising Kalimba or have reached the medium level of proficiency of playing it, worry not as the easy Kalimba tabs here with numbers and letters are given especially for the amateurs so that they can master this piece in a jiffy.

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