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When it comes to love, Bollywood is always there for you. And for the modern-day romance, well, Arijit Singh is omni-present. He is just a saviour who with his drooly and dreamy voice will entice you and make you feel certain emotions that will make you blush and your heart pound. So that is why here we present before you the easy Tera Ishq Tera Fitoor guitar chords for beginners and amateurs. The chords are quite basic. All you need to do is strike the key scale in Dm and place the capo in the 5th fret. Then check out these guitar chords of Tera Ishq Tera Fitoor, follow the mellifluous vocals of Arijit Singh and Neeti Mohan and practice them over and over again. Then play it to your sweetheart and see how she melts in your arms and gushes all over you as you strum along.

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Tera Ishq Tera Fitoor Guitar Chords

Song Scale/Key: Dm
Strumming Pattern: D D UU DD DU
Capo Position: 5th Fret
Chords Used: Am, F, G, E

Teri aaw(Am)aargi ban (F)jaaun main
Tujhe dil (Am)ki zubaan sam(F)jhaun main
Tu chhanv (Am)hai so (F)jaaun main
Tu dhundh (Am)hai kho (F)jaaun main
Tu wo na(G)sha jo sir chadhe
To aas(F)manon mein udd (E)jaaun main

Te(Am)ra ye ishq (F)mera fitoor
Tu (G)jo bhi kahe ban (Am)jaaun main
Chh(Am)aya hai yoon (F)tera suroor
Jis (G)rang kahe rang (Am)jaaun main

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Fitoor - Guitar Chords | Arijit Singh, Neeti Mohan | Shamshera | Ranbir Kapoor | Shivesh Dwivedi

Song Credits

Song Title: Fitoor
Singers/Artists: Arijit Singh, Neeti Mohan
Additional Vocals: Sudeep Jaipurwale
Music Composition: Mithoon
Lyrics by Karan Malhotra
Music Label: YRF

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