Best Bengali Folk Songs List

Bengal is always known for its rich culture and heritage. Be it architecture, science, history or any field, Bengal is always the pioneer in everything. The land of exotic temples, mesmerising handicrafts and the much beloved sweet delicacies like Roshogolla and misti doi, music is also very enamouring here. While Rabindra sangeet captivates us all, on the other hand folk music has its own charm. The melodious tune of dotara accompanied by the high scale strains of the mellifluous bauls is indeed enrapturing. So here we introduce you to the Best Bengali Folk Songs. This list includes the top Bengali folk hits that are immensely popular in Bengal.

The ethnic folk music culture in Bengal has always attracted and allured millions of musicians residing all over the world. The lyrics abound with deep philosophical thoughts and metaphors that are really enlightening in times of melancholy. Selected with love and care, here is the playlist containing the best Bangla folk songs.

1. Amae dubaili re is a wonderful folk song originally composed by the fishermen and sailors. The melody has some rich metaphors describing the sorrows of life and comparing them to the vast limitless oceans.

2. Sundori Komola is a sweet Palligeeti where the singer asks the musician to play the dotara beautifully so that the pretty girl can dance her heart out.

3. Laal Paharir deshe ja is a song dedicated to all the travellers and hikers out there who love to lose themselves to the wilderness of the country-side and find their calling within the rural landscapes.

4. Bondhu kajol bhromora by Dohar is a melody that makes this list complete. The song talks about the fascinating honey bee and how it is serves as a wonderful companion to the pensive lover.

5. Khachar bhitor achin pakhi is a folk song that has several versions. This melody metaphorically hails the restless mind to a mysterious and unknown bird who is very difficult to be tamed.

6. Hawre emon jwala is a Lokgeeti that will always remain a timeless classic. This number musically talks about all the human sufferings that we have to undergo in this lifetime.

7. O kanya re is an enchanting folk melody that eulogises and glorifies the charms of a pretty and lovely maiden with a pleasing personality.

8. Sohag Chand Badani Dhani is a song that all the Bengalis know by heart. This groovy melody talks about a graceful lass dancing and arresting all the viewers by her charms.

9. Je Jon Premer Bhav Jane Na is a euphonious folk song that defines love and its blandishments in a philosophical overtone.

10. Aay Aay Chorbi Ke Bhai is a song with a metaphysical mood that is a must play if you want to get totally involved in the rich Bengali folk culture.

11. Mon Pakhi Tor Bhabna Kire is an endearing Lokgeeti that compares the mind to a bird asking her to reveal her thoughts and sing them aloud.

12. Hrid Majhare is another evergreen masterpiece that every Bengali can hum word-perfect. This melody has a romantic fervour where the lover keeps the beloved secured in his heart not letting her go ever.

13. Pal tule de is another eternal gem by the sailors and the fishermen of rural Bengal. This Lokgeeti is a soulful rendition that completes this playlist.

14. Sob loke kohe by Lallan Fakir is a Lokgeeti that actually and perfectly represents the true spirit of the traditional Baul culture. This melody has a deep esoteric vibe about it.

15. Boro loker biti lo is a groovy folk song by Ratan Kahare. This melody jokingly addresses a rich man’s daughter and glorifies her charisma that keeps all her lovers enthralled.

16. Milon hobe is one of the best songs ever gifted to mankind. With the harmonious music coming from the ek-tara, the melody hints at the impatience of the lover asking God that when will he meet his soulmate aka moner manush.

17. Jhiko jhiko is a jocular folk song with some feet tapping beats that will keep you spellbound and make you sway to its rhythmic tune.

18. O mon moyna is another paragon of the traditional folk melodies that has some enriching metaphors about the deep complexities of the human mind.

19. O sundar o is another famous folk melody of Bengal that will make you addicted to the lovely culture of this state. Without this song, this playlist shall remain incomplete.

20. Guru na bhoji muin by Goshtho Gopal Das is a tribute to life and the master who shows us the right path. This melody croons about the fleeting time and uncertainty of life.

Lokgeeti r soundorjya Bangla e soda e birajoman. Jethae jai, ehar madhurjo theke konodin e obokash paebona. Truly, the elegance and the excellence of the traditional folk culture is beguiling and beyond all praise. The lyrics are filled with some life-changing doctrines that will make you a wiser and a better man. Bewitching Bengal justly allures us and engulfs us into its folk legacy and you will find it impossible to escape from the clutches of this magnificent custom. So listen to the marvellous and top Bangla folk songs and experience a rustic feeling with some delightful and mind-altering epiphanies.

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