2021 Deals on Best Harmonica for Beginners India & Key (Mouth Organ)

Hey Beginner, I get so so happy when I see someone is trying to join our loving music industry. Are you planning to buy your first Harmonica/Mouth Organ? If yes, then this post is totally dedicated to you. We have asked a few of the professionals and our team mates to help us find the best Harmonica for beginners India.

We kept two-three major things in our minds while finding the best harmonica brands and their models for beginners in India market.

A few things that should consider before you buy your first Harmonica as a beginner are:

  1. Key/Scale of Harmonica (suited for Beginners)
  2. Ideal Size (How many notes are there?)
  3. Type of Harmonica (Whether it’s a Chromatic or Diatonic or Tremolo?)
  4. Price/Budget (as a Beginner)
  5. Top Brands (as per your budget)

Professional recommends that your first Harmonica should be a C scale Harmonica, with either 10 or 24 notes (depending on it’s type). If you need a Diatonic Harmonica then it will be a 10 notes & C scale Harmonica and if it’s a Chromatic Harmonica then it should be a 24 notes Harmonica as with the key changer you can change the notes and it can produce the sound of 48 notes.

Note:  If you don’t have much idea about the difference between Chromatic, Diatonic and Tremolo Harmonica then we would recommend to go with the Chromatic Harmonica with the changer. In India you can get a decent chromatic harmonica with key changer in Under 1000 INR (generally Rs. 500-650) while you can get a Hohner Diatonic Harmonica in Under Rs. 500.

Let’s look at some of the shortlisted models from top Harmonica Brands in India (Hohner, Tower, Vault, Pluto, Easttop, Suzuki, VOX, Kaps, Bee, Havana) I am sure this will surely help you know about “How to choose Harmonica for a beginner?”

Best Harmonica for Beginners India | Deals & Recommended

Chromatic Harmonica

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Diatonic Harmonica

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Tremolo Harmonica (not recommended if you’ve just started playing notes)

We hope you loved over curated list of best mouth organ for beginners. The above list can easily help you get the good beginner harmonica in your budget. If you have any suggestions and recommendations for our handpicked list of harmonica regarding it’s key, price, brand, type etc.

Don’t forget to let us know which harmonica is best for beginners according to you and which and what kind of harmonica are you personally playing?

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