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Drums are one of the most popular, most used, most old and most cherished instruments in this whole world. From the family of the percussion instruments, drums add beats to your melody and your mind. Drums give rhythms, they give you the groove. And drummers are just simply irresistible. Their charms and their deft skills can make your heart pound fast and your thoughts go all OOOMPH!! Learning and mastering the art of playing drums is quite easy and you can pick up any song on your drum within a blink of an eye. But if you are planning to be the next John Bonham or Mario Duplantier, then you need to be educated about some basics regarding the drums. And to help you with this, here we are to guide you regarding the best drum kits for beginners in India.

Buying drum sets is an investment and when you are making one, then you need to make it absolutely right. You firstly need to choose the proper set which is best suited for you and will cater to your needs. So for that, here are some of our top recommendations for the best drum kits which you can avail both online and offline. The sets come well within your budget and you can pick and choose once you get to know them.

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The best drum kits for beginners

Our top 3 suggestions for drum kits for beginners would be as follows:

Alesis Turbo Mesh kit (Recommended)

Alesis is a very reputed company and their drums have a very high demand in the market. This drum set by them tops our recommendation list. This is because of the following reasons:

  • This electronic drum kit contains 7 drum pieces. You will get 8 inched snare drums, three 10 inched cymbals, hi- hat pedals, kick pedals, three 8 inched mesh toms, 10 playing kits, cables and drum sticks and keys, play along songs and tracks, educational features like metronome, drum coach and the list is inexhaustible.
  • Due to the mesh heads, you will get a hard and heavy booming sound which will provide you with an immersing experience and an extremely realistic sound.
  • The weight of this kit is around 13kgs which is quite perfect for beginner drum sets.
  • There are training manuals, in-built tracks and several sounds that will make you grasp the fundamentals of drumming on your own very easily.
  • Assembling the parts is super simple and quite fun to do.
  • The set has a very dashing appearance and the mesh linings increase the charms.
  • The kit is available on Amazon and costs around Rs. 28000 which is quite reasonable for buying drums.

Alesis debut drum kit

The debut drum set by Alesis is not only ideal for the beginners and the newbies but also quite suitable for kids in between 5- 9 years of age. This electric drum set has a mind of its own and we would ask you to blindly go for it because:

  • Firstly, you will get four 6 inched electric mesh headed drums along with drum sticks, cables, drum coach, a strong metallic rack, cables and headphones, 10 inched cymbals, 60 free melodics, numerous play along tracks, play along kits and more than 100 sounds and what not.
  • The drums have dynamic articulating technology which is a huge plus point. This will ensure that you get a heavy beat but at the same time are not too loud to drive your neighbours crazy.
  • Due to the free lessons, you can pick up this instrument on your own and learn it according to your pace.
  • The controller is very easy to understand and use. The headphones are also of very superior quality and they are very helpful.
  • The rubber e-pads are instrumental in controlling and regulating the sound giving you the desired results.
  • You can purchase this beginners drum set from Amazon within Rs. 25000. Pocket friendly, isn’t it?

Alesis Nitro mesh kit

Another marvel from the house of Alesis, this set is too good to be true. Best for the beginners and the amateurs, this drum set also caters to the needs of the experts. Why you should buy this is because:

  • You will be getting an 8 pieced configuration, three cymbals of 10 inches each which include hi hat, ride cymbals and crash w/ choke, nitro-drums, 3 Tom pads of 8 inches each and a dual zone of snare pad which are of 8 inches, drum keys, drum sticks, cables, 4 post racks and also a power supply
  • This drum set has supreme education features like AUX input, 60 playing tracks, recorder, sequencer and a metronome. This is quite useful in tracking and monitoring your performance.
  • Due to the in demand sound system, Nitro drum module and 40 playing kits, you will get expert level curated sounds that will enhance your playing experience deeply.
  • Due to the mini and the in-out ports, you can attach the system to your studio set-up and your device to control the sound according to your demands.
  • Due to the headphones, the cables and other connectivity devices, playing the drums to produce minimal noises and not disrupt other’s lives is in your hands now. The Nitro mesh kit has got it all covered.
  • This electronic drum kit with its Nitro mesh paddings will give you a deep, realistic and an immersing sound which will definitely soothe your drummer heart. The sounds fit every genre that you want to play, and the experience is far superior to the acoustic kits. You will get some “ultra-quiet” vibes as the sound volume can be regulated now by you.
  • There are around 40 melodics lessons which come free of cost and will help you learn this instrument in a jiffy.
  • The kit is quite budget friendly as it is priced around Rs. 35000 and you can find it on Amazon.

Thus these were our top three suggestions for the best digital drum sets for the beginners in India. Any musical performance is incomplete without drums. Music without beats often seems lifeless and it is drums that bring everything to life. Rock, groove and chill to the beats, as drums are lovely instruments. So, if you find the drummer in you calling you out to wake up and start banging your head to the lively beats, just scroll, tap and order one of these three amazing drum sets for beginners and start rolling right away. We have listed all the features and the reasons of why you should buy them, so just ponder, order and enjoy yourself out thoroughly. And yes, don’t forget to thank us later.

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