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Music is that golden thread that binds everyone together. Where religion, caste, politics, hate, inequalities, countries and everything divides humanity- it is music that unites us transcending every barrier and blockage. Indeed, life would be so morbid without music. There would be no butterflies in our stomach, no smiles on our faces and no balm to ease the pain of a broken heart if music didn’t exist. And with music comes those magnificent instruments that emit and create these euphonious melodies that just rip our hearts away. There are more than thousands of musical instruments in this world each having their own uniqueness. Among them, one such wonderful and mind-blowing instrument is the Veena. From the chordophone family, Veena is a string instrument which is mostly played in eastern classical music. Since, it is a stringed instrument, you obviously know that strings can tear and you have to replace them once in a while. So today we will share with you here the best Veena strings available in India. The Veena strings that we will be mentioning here are all of an excellent quality and won’t even cost you a fortune.

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The best veena strings

Veena strings are a bit intricate to find since they cater to the needs of only the Veena players. But these veena strings listed here are easily available online on leading e-commerce sites like Amazon and Flipkart. So do check them out and order your set.

Chennai Musicals Veena String set And Veena Metti Pack

Chennai Musicals is a very trusted brand renowned for manufacturing musical accessories of superb quality. This Veena string set by them is too good and you should definitely go for it because:

  • This set contains 7 Veena strings and 8 Veena Metti.
  • The strings are compatible with every type of Veena.
  • They are extremely flexible and soft so that you don’t hurt your fingers while playing them.
  • The strings are quite durable and wear and tear resistant.
  • This set is priced around Rs. 389.

Lakshman Sruthi VS03 Veena String (Copper 7)

Lakshman Sruthi is a company known for its musical instruments and everything pertaining to them. This Veena string set by them is just perfect for your instrument as:

  • This set contains 7 strings of 56 mm made up of copper.
  • The strings are light and they are extremely easy on your fingers.
  • The strings can be attached to every Veena.
  • The quality of the strings is splendid and it is quite flexible.
  • The strings will cost you about Rs. 400.

Lakshman Sruthi Veena Strings & Veena Metti Set, Blue, Black, Green & Pink

We have already mentioned above, one product of Lakshman Sruthi which contained only the Veena strings. This product is a variant of that one but it contains the Metti too. You can opt for this product, if you need both the strings and metti and not just the strings, because:

  • This set contains 5 strings and 4 pairs of different coloured Metti.
  • The strings are made of sturdy metal and are thus rust resistant.
  • They can be used with the different types of Veena.
  • The strings fit the fingers perfectly and they will last you for a long time.
  • You can purchase this set for Rs. 390 only.

Karuna SM-VS-001 Veena Strings with 2 Set’s of Metti

Karuna’s musical accessories are extremely good and they have already made their mark in the music market. This Veena string set by Karuna is the one you need and we highly recommend this set as:

  • The strings are made up of plastic, steel, brass and copper.
  • The set contains 7 Karu Vee strings and 2 sets of Metti.
  • The strings are of an immensely fine quality and are suitable for both men and women.
  • The strings are resistant to all sorts of wear and tear and rust.
  • The set has a price of around Rs. 499.

ELLORA Musicals Veena String set

ELLORA Musicals Instrument Strings is a company which is reputed for their string collections. This string set is too good and we are a huge fan of it because:

  • This string set contains a set of 7 strings.
  • The strings are made up of bronze, steel and brass.
  • You can use these strings with the Saraswati Veena mainly.
  • The strings run smooth on the fingers and playing them is fun indeed.
  • The strings are resistant to rust and rough use.

These are our top picks on the best Veena strings in India. Though their availability is sometimes a bit limited but you can avail them anytime online. Created and designed with love from supreme quality material, all these string sets are good and you will find it difficult to decide which one to buy. The companies are also very famous and trust-worthy, so you can rest assured that there will not be any compromise with their quality. Now without further delays, order your Veena string set immediately and play the mesmerizing Veena captivating everyone around you.

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