Best 5 Tabla Soft Cases / Nylon Bags for Tabla

A guide on the best soft cloth cases for your tabla.

We also have a detailed guide on hard tabla cases. But many a times we only keep our instruments at home or have just started learning and do not feel the need to buy a professional case at the moment. This is where cloth cases which are easily under everyones budget kick in. Even though these are not equipped with proper transportation or trolley systems one can always use the straps to carry it around if need be. These cases are the next best option to keep your tabla free from dust and unwanted insects breeding in unreachable corners of your instrument.

#1 Check out this Generic Tabla Cover. It is very durable and is available in black. This gives a simple look and two straps for ease in carrying the tabla. It features a closed fit interior which is highly suitable for the safety of your tabla.

Soft velvet has been used for the interior lining that makes it more appropriate for protecting the instrument. It is one of the best choices under the category of budget cases. Moreover the bag has large pocket on the front side for storage of accessories.

#2 This case is the best option for tabla and dholak players to store their instrument as it is stitched in such a way that it is compatible with both, the tabla as well as a dholak, obviously not together. One can buy the same brand case for both instruments. The quality of the padding and exterior material used is quite satisfactory but nonetheless protects the instruments from all sorts of foreign particles. The bag also features easy to carry adjustable straps along with a pocket to store your tuning hammer or powder.

#3 This nylon bag from SG musical is moderately priced. SG musicals is a well known brand in the percussion instrument family. It is available in black is. the zippers are also of highly good quality which do not give the user any problems for long periods of use. The cases interior is padded and lined with velvet which makes it sit softly on the tablas.

The precision fit feature prevents your tabla from wobbling about and protects from any kind of damage. There is a roomy pocket with apart from a specific pocket designed for the tuning hammer.

#4 Blue panther has been producing good-quality bags for different instruments and this one is specially designed for carrying tabla. The case is made of nylon and is also waterproof on the outside which protects the tabla from light showers while transportation.

It is very easy to carry and the straps are included for the ease of users. It has multiple pockets for the ease of storing items when need be.

#5 One of the best in its class, but a little more expensive, Ganjesh Ji Tabla Bag is made of fine grade fabric. One can feel it and definitely realise the quality. The canvas can also be washed easily and kept free from dirt. The bottom is attached with rubber supports so the tabla does not hit the ground, when resting it. This tabla bag is also made to last long and comes at a reasonable rate as compared to hard cases. Along
with the artistic taste, the production is also matchless.

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