GOT | Kalimba Game of Thrones Notes [Tabs + Tutorial] by April Yang

Game of Thrones is a series which needs no further introduction. It is by far one of the most popular TV series and ranks in the top 10 shows loved by the audience. The theme of Game of Thrones is also one of the most loved musical pieces and has thousands of covers in different instruments and genres. Composed by the brilliant Ramin Djawadi, the theme music of Game of Thrones is nothing but enchanting. So here we present to you the Game of Thrones Kalimba notes. The Kalimba Game of Thrones notes are simple and easy and can be mastered by the beginners too in a jiffy. The Kalimba Game of Thrones tabs given here are verified and accurate. The Kalimba notes of Game of Thrones are the letter notations and you can now play the theme music of GOT in this exotic instrument euphoniously. Kalimba is a plucked idiophone originating from North Africa.

Before playing the game of thrones music on Kalimba, you need to tune 2 of your Kalimba keys first. If your kalimba is in C major, the note F need to be tuned to higher F# & If your Kalimba is in B major, then the note E needs to be tuned higher to F.

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Game of Thrones Kalimba Tabs & Notes

Game of Thrones Theme 【Kalimba tabs】

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Game of Thrones Kalimba Cover

Game of Thrones Theme on kalimba

More About the Song: GOT is not just a simple TV show but is an emotion in itself. Airing 8 seasons, GoT was a series which showed love, betrayals, lust for power, revenge and manipulations in a different light. It was a show to which everyone got really attached too. The suspense, the pathos, the heartbreaks indeed took us on an emotional roller-coaster ride. On one hand where the Rains of Castamere will make you shed tears, the Purple Wedding will make you happy for the death of the tyrant Jeoffrey. And when you will fret and feel sorry for Cersei for her Walk of Shame, you will also marvel at the powerful and iron spirit of the Khaleesi. You will love Jon Snow, and feel proud of Arya’s vengeance of the death of her family; and at the same time you will hate the duplicacy of Lord Peter Baelish. And Tyrion will forever be our favourite character who drinks and knows things. One cannot watch this series without getting involved totally into this drama. So for all you GOT lovers out there, the Game of Throne Kalimba tabs have been given here so that you can play them and cover one of your all-time favourite musical piece.

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