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Music is something that can be enjoyed and relished not just in solitude but also amidst a throng of people. It is an ambrosia that even though you can savour alone, must always be shared with people. And that is why we assume bands were born; don’t you think; to create, compose and spread music and love together in a group? Now you have guessed it right! We will be talking about the best and famous Indian bands here that have and will always metastasize joy with their amazing and mesmerizing compositions. Like Pink Floyd, Black Sabbath, Linkin Park, One Direction and the plethora of those enchanting bands that have gifted us with some incredible gems that will keep the legacy of band music alive, here are some of the Indian bands that have a widespread international recognition and their soundtracks are heard by everyone all over the globe. So, we have covered some of the best and popular Indian bands from the different eras and rather music genres which we know you already love and are probably even listening to right now. Just check these great Indian bands and do let us know who is your most favourite amongst them.

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Indian Ocean

We guess, this is the band which is ruling over all our hearts and the band billboard charts right now. The number one band of all time, their Indo-fusion rock compositions are just marvellous and beyond all praise. Be it Bandeh, Khajuraho, Kya Maloom or Ankhiyan Udeek Diya- just listen to their melodies if you want serenity to reign your heart. Check out their albums right now and don’t forget to thank us later.

The Local Train

This is a rock band which was born in 2008 and since then been impressing us with their mind-blowing tracks talking about love, faith and humanity. Their songs are pure love and you will feel all emotions welling up within you as you delve deeper into their numbers. Their albums Aalas ka Pedh and Vaaqif are simply magnificent and their singles especially Choo lo and Aaoge Tum Kabhi will simply win your heart.

When Chai met Toast

This band is indeed a ‘rising star’. With their two Eps and some singles, this band has actually made its mark in not just our hearts but also in our playlists as well. Songs like Fireflies, Kaahani and Yellow Paper Daisy are nothing short of pure bliss and you will definitely agree with us on this if you try them out once.


Does Agnee even need an introduction? Like who doesn’t know them? They are literally just one of the best Indian bands and there is no doubt about that. Aahatein, Shaam, Kaise ho Tum- they will definitely give you goosebumps and speak for themselves.


This is not just a pop band. It is fine wine and we won’t be wrong to call them the OG. This band has been conquering our playlists for the past 20 years and we cannot wait to hear more of them. Maeri, Aana meri Gully, Dhoom- do we really need to iterate out their melodies to you? The band’s name definitely describes their music as everything about them is euphoric. Their songs often croon about love, politics, the environment and mental health and the 90s generation can never come out of their influence. Also, Dr. Palash Sen will always remain our heart-throb, isn’t it?


This Indian rock band has to be mentioned here as their songs are what you would define as true love. If you hear their albums like Behosh or Kun thoroughly, you will find sense in our words. Their fusion of psychedelic rock and folk music is the ingredient that adds the wholesomeness in their music.


Did you really think we would have skipped Swarathama? This Indian folk fusion band is beyond all praise and accolades. Their songs have the reggaes and the blues mixture, which makes them so soothing and so tasteful. Mushkil mein Jeena or E Bhoomi are their popular hits and this band is what you should be listening to at this moment.


Would this list be complete if we missed out this rock and roll band that has been keeping us rocking and reeling and rolling and drooling over the past thirty years? Already having been featured in the “25 Greatest Indian Rock Songs of the last 30+ Years” listings, do jam with But it Rained to feel a bliss serenading and embracing you.


Not mentioning one of the best Indian heavy metal bands in this list would have been a sin. Kryptos is one of the pioneers of the Indian metal music scene and it is their lethally alluring albums like Spiral Ascent and Burn up the Night that have been turning us into metal heads.


This post hardcore experimental metal band has been igniting that metalhead and that fiery rage in our blood since 2005. Their tracks have the power to make you headbang straight for an hour and you cannot help but groove along with their riffs and distortions. That is why they are called the most “technical band” in the Indian underground metal scenario.

Silk Route

Whenever we mention their name, Dooba Dooba from their debut album Boondein starts haunting your mind, right? Well, this band is just endearing and charming. Their tracks will make you feel good and will calm your parched mind with those thoughtful lyrics. A band that has been entertaining us for the past two decades, catch up with them right now to enjoy a peaceful musical evening with your mates around you.

Peter Cat Recording Co.

This is not just a band. It is an emotion. It is a mystery. It is mayhem. Their melodies range from waltz to gypsy jazz and cabaret to disco. No Indian band has ever composed such diverse songs from different genres like this band has. That is why they have millions of followers and a cult fan base. Their melodies pitch in a variety of themes and there is a frenzy in their songs that will draw you even more to them.

Thus, these are the top best and famous bands of India that we have compiled and curated here only for you. We know that we have missed most of the bands but we would like to make some special mention here such as – The F16s, Kailasa, Motherjane, Thermal and a Quarter, The Casteless Collectives, Indus Creed, Punkh, Krosswindz, Avail and Mrigya which are also equally popular and are streamed by hundreds of people everyday on Spotify and Apple Music. Their songs are just pure elixir and all of these bands indeed make us proud and elated internationally. So do tell us if we have missed any of the best Indian bands and now plug in the earphones and spend your evening with your favourite one right away!

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