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Life has all its ups and downs. While you get sunshine and happiness some days, there will be times of uncertainty and frustrations. And on days when you feel upset and start questioning your existence, it is during those times that Main kaun hoon will give you some emotional relief. From the amazing web series by TVF named Cubicles, this masterpiece has been sung, composed and written by the versatile Kartik Rao. The lyrics of this rap have been given here. Main kaun hoon lyrics are indeed metaphorical and too a large extent relatable. Main kaun hoon is a very soothing melody and will keep you hooked onto it for a long time. This is not just a song, but a flow of emotions and maybe narrates the story of your life. The video of this track is also something that will delight you for its simplicity and ability to keep you engaged.

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TVF Main Kaun Hoon Lyrics – Cubicles

Main Kaun Hoon
Mere Maula Tujhko Pta Hai
Chalta Rahun
Meri Manzil Mera Rasta Hai

Main Kaun Hoon
Mere Maula Tujhko Pta Hai
Chalta Rahun
Meri Manzil Mera Rasta Hai

Pehli Galti Ye Thi
Chamkeela Sapna Tha Mast Hoga
Sheesho Ke Jungle Me T-Shirt Waale Soch Ka Nasht Hoga
Fail To Hona Hai Usme Thoda Kasht Hoga
Jitna Khudko Tu Tolega Utna Khudpe Trust Hoga

Apna Apna Time Aayega
Ye Rapper Saare Farzi Hai
10th Fail Sb High Mantri Bhi Saare Charsi Hai

Graduated Boy Tere Paas To Teri Soch Hai
Twitter Pe Subscribe Krle
Utna Update Bs Hoga
Updated Nhi Hai Boy
Ye Teri Dooji Galti Hai
Talwaaron Ke Daur Me
Bandooko Waali Chalti Hai

Train To Hona Hai
Train Bhi Sayad Late Hogi
Aati To Yahi Hai Patri
Station Uski Fate Hogi
Paise Thode Kam Hai (Bhak Saala)
Thakey Ye Kadam Hai (Bhak Saala)

Jhukey Jab Ye Palke
Sapno Se Mile Josh Aisa
Chattaaney Deewaarey
Inka Hoslon Se Nasht Hoga

Me Kaun Hoon
Mere Maula Tujh ko Pata Hai
Chalta Rahun
Meri Manzil Mera Rasta Hai

Main Kon Hoon
Mere Maula Tujh ko Pata Hai
Chalta Rahoon
Meri Manzil Mera Rasta Hai

Main Kaun Hoon TVF Song Video (Lyrical)

Main Kaun Hoon | Cubicles | Karthik Rao

More About the Song: Main kaun hoon lyrics are not just mere words put together in a rhyme or rhythm. They are a feeling in itself. Often when you get caught off guard by your Monday morning blues, thinking is it worth it? Or when life gives you lemons, and you are facing a sunset as you find everything going against you and you feel like you are about to lose the battle, then this song will be your only companion standing like a rock beside you. The words talk about those times when you feel low and dejected and cannot elucidate the tempest that is occurring inside your raging mind. This melody will provide you comfort. With the soft beats and that refreshing rap with the enchanting flutes at the background, you will find your woes vanishing as you will see a friend in this melody standing by you, supporting you and helping you voice out your dilemmas. TVF never fails to impress us and win our hearts and Main kaun hoon is no exception to this. So dump all your anxieties, plug in your earphones and listen to this stellar performance by Kartik and serenade with him.

Song Credits

Music Composition: Karthik Rao
Singer/Artists: Karthik Rao
Lyrics by Karthik Rao
Flute Player: Varad Kathapurkar
Web Series: Cubicles
Mix & Mastered by Mayur Bakshi
Releasing Year: 2019
Language: Hindi
Music Label: The Viral Fever (TVF)
Type: Song/Rap

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