Most Loved & Best Bengali Romantic Songs for Valentine’s Day 2021 | Song List

Love is in the air. We all agree with it, right? And why won’t we. Jokhon shohor jure jano prem er e morshum. Wherever you look, you will find lovebirds huddling together and there is nothing but happiness and joy. As the season of love is fast approaching, yes Basanta asche, so are the festivals of love like Dol, Valentine’s day and Saraswati Puja (popularly known as Bengali Valentine’s Day) coming, you need to gear up and be prepared and all set to get down on the field, come, see and conquer your lover’s heart and win her all over. So if you are planning for a grand proposal, then take along some good romantic music with you to set the moment right and make her go all gaga over you. And to your aid, we have some curated some of the best Bengali romantic songs for Valentine’s Day 2020 that will just do the wonders for you. So you don’t have to look and search anymore, as we have covered just the top Bengali romantic songs for Valentine’s Day especially for you which will prove to be your perfect wingman.

Here are some of the popular Bengali romantic songs for Valentine’s Day compiled in a list with love just for you.

1. Ke tui bol
Ke tui bol from the film Rongbaj is the perfect love song that you can dedicate to your lady love to describe her charms and grace which made you fall for her.

2. Parbona ami charte toke
Parbona ami charte toke from the film Borbaad isn’t just a song. It is an emotion, a feeling which expresses your heartfelt desire and yearning for your lover.

3. Jani dekha hobe
Jani dekha hobe has two versions- male and female one sung by Anupam Roy and Shreya Ghoshal. And both of them are equally stellar and spectacular. The lyrics are too metaphorical and you cannot help but get hooked onto this song.

4. Chalo rastae saji tram line
Chalo rastae saji tram line from the film Autograph is a very sweet and melodious track which is sung by the marvellous Shreya Ghoshal. The song describes some deep feelings that you experience when you fall in love and that’s why this will be the ideal song for you to express your love.

5. Esho esho
Esho esho from the film Madhur Milan is a quite soothing and serenading melody from the 90s, that expresses a pure and innocent love and without which this list is incomplete.

6. Ki kore toke bolbo
Ki kore toke bolbo by Arijit Singh is a heart-warming song with some groovy beats and a refreshing music. This melody is acts as the perfect proposal.

7. Tumi jake bhalobasho
Tumi jake bhalobasho from the film Praktan is a very touching melody that talks about the pangs of love and expresses love in a different shade or hue.

8. Tomaro ashimey
Tomaro ashimey is a Rabindra sangeet. Nobody can explain the indescribable feelings of love better than Gurudev Rabindranath Tagore, and this priceless melody just adds a new definition to what we know as love.

9. Chirodini tumi je amar
Chirodini tumi je amar is an evergreen timeless classic by Kishor da and the vows and promises that we make in love are just rhythmically put forward in this song.

10. Sokhi bhabona kahare bole
Sokhi bhabona kahare bole is another Rabindra sangeet which every true Bengali and all the music lovers know by heart. This song is not only too heart-wrenching but elucidates romance in a different light with subtle allegorical lyrics.

11. Rimjhime dharate
Rimjhime dharate from Premer Kahani has to be added mandatorily to this list. This melody is beyond all praise as you can feel love in showers and in the form of rains.

12. Prem amar
Prem amar from the film Prem Amar is a track that fills your heart with an unexpressed joy that you get when you behold your lover in your arms. So if you want to set the mood right, then this is the ideal track for you.

13. Ei bhalo ei kharap
Ei bhalo ei kharap by Arijit Singh is a melody that puts into rhythm and music a love which is very pleasant and delightful love which you want to cherish forever with your muse.

14. Eki prem
Eki prem by Bangali Babu English Mem is a song that will make you groove and serenade on a romantic dinner date with your lover in your arms.

15. Saajna
Saajna from Bojhena se Bojhena is a bubbly and cheerful track that will tell you all the feelings that you face when you fall in love for the first time and when you see your better half for the first time. The butterflies in your stomach, the fast beats of your heart and that adrenaline rush are all summed up into this addictive song.

These top Bengali romantic songs for Valentine’s day 2020 will not only make you fall madly in love but also will keep you mesmerised and enchanted. Bhalobasha na bole ashe, r achomka eshe puro jibon rangiye die jai. R je ekbar preme pore, tar je berono nishedh. Se je manena kono bandha r shonena kono baron. The feeling of love is itself enticing and bewitching and you cannot escape its clutches. And where there is love, music will always be there hand-in-hand to add fuel to the fire of your love and passion. Cause it is music which says all those unsaid words which your eyes and hearts yearn to say, but the lips cannot. It is music which will pour forth your feeling when your senses go numb. And it is for music, that you can feel a fresh lease of life and relate to all those emotions which are buried deep in the secret nooks and corners of your heart. So unleash your playlist and let these best Bengali romantic songs play on the occasion of Valentine’s day of 2020 and let music do all the talking.

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