[Evergreen] Old/New—Best Bengali Songs List [Updated 2021]

Regional music has its own charm and beauty. And when it comes to Bengali songs, nothing can beat them. They are just fabulous in their own ways. Be it the rock band songs or the slow emotional ones, Bangla songs have a class of its own. The beats, the rhythm and the musical cadence, all are par excellence and you cannot help but fall in love with them. Even if you cannot speak or understand Bengali, these melodies will surely enrapt you and get you addicted to them. The tracks from various genres and types like devotional, or romantic, or dance numbers are mesmerising in all sense and every Bengali speaker know them by heart. So here is a list of the top fifty Bengali songs which will give you an idea about how bewitching and marvellous Bengali music can be.

This playlist has all the chartbusters that will keep you hooked onto them for decades. The list of the songs are-

1. Dugga Elo by Monali Thakur is the current buzz in the town. The most perfect song for Durga pujas, this melody is an emotion that millions of listeners can feel and relate with.

2. Tomake (female version) from the movie Parineeta has been sung by Shreya Ghoshal and Arko is simply aesthetic and spellbinding.

3. Shei tumi from Parineeta has been sung by Arko and is just amazing in one word. The beats and the tune will make you go all gaga about it.

4. Tomake(male) from Parineeta has been sung by Arko and the song is just brilliant. A very beautiful and serenading vibe is there about this track and it is truly mesmerising.

5. Preme pora baron by Lagnajita is a heart-warming melody that surely suggests from its title that do not fall in love but then will compel you to be head over heels in love with it.

6. Rangabati by Surojit and Iman is a song with some folk and rustic vibe about it. This song is a favourite among all pensive people, and you will find it soothing in your mellow mood.

7. Keno je tokey (reprise version) by Mimi Chakraborty is a slow romantic track that every love smitten person can relate to and serenade to.

8. Ashey Ma by Rupankar Bagchi, Dohar and various other singers is a perfect Agomoni song that is a must play at the pandals during the Durga puja.

9. Trippy lage from the movie Password is indeed a song that will make you trip and dance to its tune and show off your moves on the dance floor.

10. Purano sei diner kotha is a Rabinda Sangeet that has been sung by Saswati Bhattacharjee. This track is the best remedy for your nostalgic mood and you are just bound to get carried away into a world of happy and priceless memories while you hear this song.

11. Tumi chara by Arnab Dutta will make you groove to its beat and this romantic song is the perfect wingman for a romantic date with your better half by your side.

12. Neel digante recreated by Shreya Ghoshal is an old Rabindra sangeet that all Bengalis know by heart. This song is perfect during Basanta utsav and Dol where you can feel the soul of this melody.

13. Amar tumi by Bishakh Jyoti is a track that is too romantic and amorous. This song is just wonderful and you are sure to hum its tune all through the day.

14. Adure din by Ranajoy Bhattacharjee is a very nice soothing track which is very much like the breath of fresh air on a hot sultry summer day.

15. O mon by Ishan Mitra and Trissha Chatterjee is a melody that is sheer bliss to the ears. The music, the beats and the lyrics all make it a soulful rendition which you can enjoy any time.

16. Abar megh koruk by Ravi Chowdhury is a quite appealing song that you will soothe you and harmonise with your mood on a solitary afternoon while you are in quietude and enjoying the nature around you.

17. Alote alote Dhaka by Anupam Roy is a melody that will provide succour to your parched soul with those metaphorical and conversational lyrics that Anupam has carved into this touching melody.

18. Aye Khuda from the movie Password has been sung by the mellifluous K.K. This number is beyond all praise and perfection and you will find yourself listening to this song on loop.

19. Joy Maa Durga by Bappi Lahiri is a devotional song with some nice beats and a spiritual feel hailing the Goddess herself and asking Her to bless an protect us all.

20. Monta kotha shonena by Jeet Gannguli and several others is a track that every person falling in love can find themselves relating to. This is a very sweet and romantic number.

21. Srikrisno Kirton by Aditi Munshi is a devotional song that hails and glorifies Lord Krishna and every Krishna devotee can complete their aradhana of the Lord with this melody.

22. Oi dakche aakash by Jeet Gannguli and various others is a romantic song that is too heartfelt and sweet. You cannot help but feel the love that has been expressed in this song.

23. Madhubala by Arko and others is the perfect floor filler on your weekend party. So throw off your shoes and dance your heart out on this song.

24. Chupi chupi mon by Savvy and Raj Burman is quite the catchy song. Its enthralling tune and the refreshing music is indeed magical.

25. Konya re by Ishan Mitra and Trissha Chatterjee is the perfect song for all the slow romantic song lovers. This number will definitely brighten up your day with its soulful music.

26. Aj amar akash by Rupankar Bagchi is a very mellow and soft number that will create an ever lasting impression in your mind and heart.

27. Tomar moner bhetor by Noble from the film Vinci Da is a captivating song. Whenever you are suffering from some emotional turmoil and want to calm your enraged mind, this is the song for you.

28. Gas balloon by Anupam Roy from the film Vinci Da is not just a melody. It is a journey of emotions, feelings, metaphors, philosophy and life lessons.

29. Kichchu chaini ami( male version) from the film Shah Jahan Regency has been sung by Anirban Bhattacharjee. This track needs no praise and introduction. The heart rendering melody is a must play for everyone who is suffering from a painful separation or a rough phase of life.

30. Joy Dugga Thakur by Keshab Dey is a very nice Bhakti geet that hails Devi Durga and glorifies Her strength, power and divinity.

31. Bondhu tor amar by Shankar Bhattacharjee and Ashok Singh is a very bubbly song about friendship and brotherhood.

32. Tapur Tupur by Arnab Dutta is a soulful song that plays with words and creates a very gentle and relaxed mood whenever you hear this. This number is perhaps one of the perfect songs for chilling on a tired evening.

33. Bajlo tomar alor benu by Ratna Das is the Agamoni song that marks the onset of Devi Durga’s arrival and the beginning of the most awaited festival for the Bengalis which is Durga Puja.

34. Stor by Rupam Islam is a melody that every rock lover will fall in love with. Rupam’s dulcet and powerful vocals will just enrapt you in a different world altogether.

35. Pujor bajna bajai by The National Beats is another classic song that will set the pujo mood right in the pandals and create a joyous and merry ambience all around.

36. Maa by Arijit Singh is an emotional soundtrack that is immensely heart rendering and touching. This song shows the creativity of the Bengali music industry justly.

37. Ektu jayga dena by Jeet Gannguli and Armaan Malik is a groovy romantic song on which you can dance your heart out with your better half in the club or at the party.

38. Era sukher lagi by Iman Chakraborty is a very nice and sweet song that will just make you go crazy over it.

39. Bajche kashor bajche by Somchanda Bhattacharya is also a beautiful devotional melody that is a must play during the Durga pujas.

40. Tor sathe by Sudipto Chowdhury is a very charming and serenading song that is filled with love and romance in every bit of it.

41. Maa go tui by Somchanda Bhattacharya and Manomay Bhattacharya is a Bhakti geet that is bound to fill your heart with reverence and devotion for the Goddess.

42. Pora mon by Raj Burman and Trissha Chakraborty is a very emotional track and every heartbroken lover can find peace whenever they listen to this song.

43. Baishnob sei jon by Shreya Ghoshal is a very beautiful and heart-warming number and you will feel a different aesthetic pleasure when you listen to this song.

44. Brishti theme gele by Anupam Roy is a very romantic and rocking song that has some dope beats and is a perfect wingman for you on a romantic date with your lover.

45. Khnoro amar fossils from the album Fossils 4 performed by the Fossils is a must for all the Bangla band lovers. This rock song is beyond all praise and is in one word stellar.

46. Agomonir gaan by Anupam Roy is another devotional song that marks the beginning of the Sharod Utsav.

47. Bodhua by Ishan Mitra is a song for all the dejected lovers and also the one sided ones and you can feel a melancholy in this beautiful melody.

48. Bhule jeo by Amrita Singh is a very pleasing and mellow song which is intensely emotional and alluring to hear at the same time.

49. Borong Dukkho by Ishan Mitra is a melody that is quite heartfelt and you will definitely enjoy its music and beats.

50. Bou amar phuljhuri by Rupankar Bagchi is a very bubbly and cheerful song and Rupankar’s sturdy and gentle vocals will just keep you hooked onto this number.

This curated playlist contains all the songs which will just steal your heart away in a jiffy. Though some of the melodies haven’t been mentioned here but from these fifty songs you will get a fair idea of how praiseworthy Bengali songs are. Covering every genre and category- from spiritual to emotional to romantic to dance numbers, Bengali music is in no way behind than Bollywood or the Punjabi music industry to mention some. Bangla songs set the mood right in every occasion. Be it the pujas, or a house party or a sad break-up you will always find repose in these evergreen and timeless tracks that the versatile maestros of Tollywood compose and create using their genius. These songs will forever rule your hearts as long as music exists. Toh ekhn r deri noi! Esho chotpot r gan gulo sune nao r sure, taale ebong anonde leen hoi jao.

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