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Love is a very beautiful feeling and when you are in love the world seems so beautiful and bewitching. Sirf tu from the film Pranaam is a song that talks about this feeling in depth. Sung by the mellifluous Armaan Malik, this track has been composed by the talented and versatile Vishal Mishra and has been penned down by the poetic Manoj Muntashir. From the feature film soundtrack genre, this track uses the guitars, the flute, the percussion instruments and the piano quite euphoniously. Sirf tu chords are simple and easy and can be played by the amateurs effortlessly. The guitar chords of Sirf tu are six in number and they are Em, D, Am, B, G & C. The melody has been played in the Em with a moderately paced tempo and a signature 4/4 beat. The chords of Sirf Tu have a harmonious progression and follow the strumming pattern of either D UDUD UDUD or D UUD UUD.

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Suggested Strumming Pattern

Recommended Pattern: D UDUD UDUD or D UUD UUD

d – Down Stroke on lower three strings
D – Down Strum
U – Up Strum
C – Chuck/Mute Effect

Sirf Tu Guitar Chords

Song Key/Scale: Em
No. of Chords: 6
Chords Used: Em, D, Am, B, G & C
Strumming Pattern: D UDUD UDUD or D UUD UUD

Intro Music:
(Em) (C) (G) (D)

(Em)Aankhon me (Am)/(C)sapne meri
(D)Likhta hai yaara sirf (G)tu
(Em)Dekhun me (Am)/(C)chaahe jisey
(D)Dikhta hai yaara sirf (G)tu

(C)Mere he andar (G)panna-o-panna
(Am)Ghullta hai yaara sirf (G)tu
(C)Dil ki talaashi (B)kitni daffa li
(Am)Milta hai yara sirf (G)tu

Sirf (Em)tu.. sirf (C)tu
sirf (D)tu… sirf (G)tu
Sirf (Em)tu.. sirf (C)tu
sirf (D)tu… sirf (G)tu

(Em)Din khille yaa kawi
(Am)Shaam (B)dhaley
(Em)Rhna tu mere (D)saath (C)
(Em)Tu jo hai toh meri
(Am)Sansein (B)chale
(Em)Kyu jiyu tere (D)baad (C)

(G)Sirf tu (D)Duaaon sa aye
Mere (G)hontho pe sirf (C)tu
(G)Sirf tu (D)laqeeron sa likha
Mere (G)haatho pe sirf (C)tu

(C)Mere he andar (G)panna-o-panna
(Am)Ghullta hai yara sirf (G)tu
(C)Dil ki talaashi (B)kitni dafaa li
(Am)Milta hai yara sirf (G)tu

Sirf (Em)tu… sirf (C)tu
sirf (D)tu…. sirf (G)tu
Sirf (Em)tu… sirf (C)tu
sirf (D)tu…. sirf (G)tu

(Em)Bewaajah tu mujhe (Am)aakey (B)mila
(Em)Aa mila jaane (D)kyu (C)
(Em)Ban gya tu (Am)jeene ki (B)wajaah
(Em)Ban gye jaane (D)kyu (C)

(G)Sirf tu (D)irraado mein yaara mere
(G)Har daffa Sirf (C)tu
(G)Sirf tu (D)muraado mein yaara meri
(G)Meri barhan sirf (C)tu

(C)Mere he andar (G)panna-o-panna
(Am)Ghullta hai yaara sirf (G)tu
(C)Dilki talaashi (B)kitni daffa li
(Am)Milta hai yara sirf (G)tu

Sirf (Em)tu sirf (C)tu
sirf (D) tu sirf (G)tu
Sirf (Em)tu sirf (C)tu
sirf (D) tu sirf (G)tu


Sirf Tu Video | PRANAAM | Rajeev Khandelwal, Sameksha | Vishal Mishra, Armaan Malik, Manoj Muntashir

Song Credits

Song: Sirf Tu
: Armaan Malik
Movie/Film: Pranaam
Music Composition: Vishal Mishra
Lyrics by Manoj Muntashir
Music Label: T-Series
Release Date: 24 July 2019
Language: Hindi (Bollywood)

More About the Song: Sirf tu is an intensely romantic song. The lyrics reek with the flavour of love and passion. The charms of the beloved and how she is the key reason of the lover’s existence has been well presented to us by Muntashir. He has once again done a commendable job and has penned down the inexplicable feelings hidden deep in our hearts into this soothing and refreshing melody. The music is extremely groovy and soft. You are bound to sway to the rhythm of it. The tune is sweet and runs on leisurely with some crests and troughs in the beats. Vishal has showed us his genius and has given us a song that is definitely going to captivate all hearts and stay evergreen forever. Armaan Malik is stellar as usual and with his dulcet and gentle vocals keeps us mesmerized. This melody is highly addictive and it is for him that we are bound to come back to this song again and again. This amorous number harmonises well with the lovey dovey ambience. It is perfect on a romantic date night and is quite the mood setter if you want to serenade with your lover in your arms.
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