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Mental health and peace is one of the vital elements that we need for living a healthy and a happy life. If the mind is always stressed or anxious or restless, not only will you encounter a plethora of physical problems but also you are prone to develop depression and other stress related disorders. Studies have shown that if you are unhappy or are too troubled and mentally weary, then you are bound to suffer from numerous diseases. The proverb testifies this perfectly: “All work and no play make Jack a dull boy”. Relaxation is the key to a healthy and a wealthy life. So, if your mind is relaxed and refreshed, you are definitely going to be at your best- highly productive, creative and most importantly cheerful and jovial.

While you are reading this, you must surely be thinking about ways to relax and refresh yourself, isn’t it? Worry not, we have come to your rescue as we have compiled here a list of some relaxation music that will simply chill your mind out and kick away all your collywobbles in an instant. We have relaxation music for stress release, relaxation music for guided meditation, relaxation music for sleep and much more covered for you. These musical renditions range from 15 minutes to more than 6 hours and will cater to everything that you are looking for.

The body needs ample amount of rest to function properly. Not only scientific studies but spiritual preachers too have always emphasized on the fact that you need to stay positive and happy always. And music is an effective therapy that will relieve you of every disturbed thoughts and perturbation. So, check the list of relaxation music just now and enjoy a therapeutic session with just quality symphonies and solitude.

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Relaxation music for Stress Release and Healing

Stress has often proved to be a killer. Excess stress can cause heart diseases, digestive problems, nervous breakdowns and the list is endless. So, to bid adieu to this mischief-maker, here are some soothing and pacifying music for relaxation that will not only release all your stress but also will heal you from within. This relaxing music for stress relief comprises of melodies with varying durations. While some songs play for more than six hours, some musical pieces range from 3 hours to 20 minutes as well. We have enlisted the YouTube relaxation music for stress relief and healing where you can find the piano relaxation music for stress relief and healing, relaxing jazz music for stress relief and Indian relaxing music for stress relief.

Beautiful Relaxing Music for Stress Relief ~ Calming Music ~ Meditation, Relaxation, Sleep, Spa

🎧 528 Hz STOP Anxiety and Fear | Emotional Healing for Worry and Stress

528 Hz Positive Transformation, Emotional & Physical Healing, Anti Anxiety, Rebirth, Healing Music

The Hidden Valley: Beautiful Relaxing Music for Stress Relief, Sleep & Meditation

Tibetan Music, Healing Music, Relaxation Music, Chakra, Relaxing Music for Stress Relief, ✿3193C

Relaxation music for Meditation

Meditation is the key to a relaxed mind. In a wink of an eye it will leave you refreshed and rejuvenated. Meditation removes all negativities from your mind leaving you to be an optimistic and positive soul. Not only does it clear the blockages in your respiratory tract but also it helps you focus and concentrate more, bestowing you with a peace that will make you a changed and transformed human being. Daily meditation also cures clinical depression and provides you with a better and a much more optimistic way of life. Therefore, we are listing below the different relaxation music for meditation that have a time range of 15 minutes to 6 hours and more. So, enjoy your meditation sessions with a light and subtle music at the background.

Meditation - Monoman .beautiful comment section peaceful relaxing soothing [Study Sleep Relax 💖]

Tibetan Meditation Music, Relaxing Music, Healing Music, Chakra, Yoga, Sleep, Study, Relax, ☯3582

"Boost Your Aura" Attract Positive Energy Meditation Music, 7 Chakra Balancing & Healing

20 min Awareness Meditation Music Relax Mind Body: Chakra Cleansing and Balancing

Relaxation Music for Sleep

A lot of us suffer from insomnia and sleeping troubles. Due to some unwanted agitation or a gruelling workload, lack of sleep is something that can often mess up and upset your lifestyle and daily routine. Science tells us that the adult human body needs a minimum of 6-9 hours of sleep to function properly. Therefore, you need to be very cautious about your sleep cycle. However, with the advent of smartphones and internet, we often tend to get distracted and diverged to a point that later we are unable to catch some deep and healthy sleep. And this results in fatigue, dark circles, body aches and what not.

If you too are unable to sleep and rest, then relax. Take a deep breathe and listen to this deep relaxation music for sleep and we promise you that you will be snoring like a baby within three minutes. So, check this curated playlist of relaxing music for sleep and have a wholesome napping time.

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Relaxing Sleep Music + Insomnia - Stress Relief, Relaxing Music, Deep Sleeping Music


NO MORE Insomnia | DEEP Sleep Music with Relaxing Rain [3.0Hz Delta Waves] Binaural Beats

Best Insomnia Therapy, Pure Relaxation Music for Sleeping, Healing Music for Deep Sleep, Sleep Music

Relaxation music for Yoga

Yoga is an art. Yoga is a medicine. Yoga is life. Yoga is an answer. Well, we definitely don’t have to tell you anything about Yoga since its goodness cannot be penned down in mere and simple words here. The benefits of Yoga will fill pages as it is simply inexhaustive. Yoga not only relieves you from physical and mental pain, but also opens a spiritual dimension to you thus changing you into a better version of yourself.

By the way, did you know that the best way to practice Yoga is by doing it to the tunes of some relaxing music? If you didn’t know this, well nothing is lost. Music helps in increasing stamina and motivation thereby leading you to practice this art-form with a zealous vigour. And here once again we come at your service by providing you with some of the best relaxing music for yoga and meditation. You will find the relaxing music yoga music playlist that is bound to make your mind tranquil and pacific.

Relaxing Background Music for Yoga. Soothing Music for Stress Relief, Meditation, Massage, Spa

Relaxing Yoga Music ● Jungle Song ● Morning Relax Meditation, Indian Flute Music for Yoga, Healing

Yoga Music, Relaxing Music, Calming Music, Stress Relief Music, Peaceful Music, Relax, ✿2658C

YOGA GROOVES || Rhythmic Yoga Music from India || Full Album by Meditative Mind

Relaxation music for Studying

The excessive usage of mobiles, internet, televisions and other vagaries of life have caused humans to become quite disoriented and absent-minded. The different social networking sites tend to hamper our studies to such an extent that we find it extremely cumbersome to concentrate and learn and memorise our studies. Studying has to be done dedicatedly because this forms the very backbone of our survival. Without being deft at studies, building a stable career in this competitive world can be quite a challenge. And often, as students, we find ourselves drifting away in thoughts and procrastinating and thereby losing a lot of our precious time.

If you too are relating to this issue, then worry not because we have the solution to your massive concern. Here we present to you the relaxing music for studying playlist. This will not only boost up your concentration power but will also help you to memorise well and will motivate you to study peacefully and intake everything that you learn. So, tune into some of the best relaxation music to study and tune out all those conflicting thoughts that are hindering your focus.

Reading Music to Concentrate 🕮 Ambient Study Music 📔 Soothing Music for Studying with Sea Waves

Study Music Alpha Waves: Relaxing Studying Music, Brain Power, Focus Concentration Music, ☯161

Relaxing Bossa Nova & Jazz Music For Study - Smooth Jazz Music - Background Music

4 Hours of Ambient Study Music to Concentrate - Deep Focus Music for Studying

Relaxing Piano Music For Study and Focus

Relax. Chill. Take a deep breath. These are the mantras that will help you stay delighted and energetic. Life often can be unpredictable and you will not always be your finest self. But nothing is permanent and with this relaxing music playing sweetly in your ears, nothing can go wrong. Music is so enchanting that it gives a different strength to us, helping us to fight all our apprehensions and forget all our woes. And sometimes it just turns its magic wand keeping us attentive and high-spirited. So, to help everyone, we have curated this diverse relaxation music on YouTube into a list that you can enjoy for hours and hours and relax to your fullest. Plug in your earphones, listen to these amazing renditions and attain your Nirvana from music right now.