The Lata of Ranaghat | Real Life Story of Ranu Mondal (Internet Sensation)

Bill Gates had once said that if we are born poor then it is not our fault, but if we die poor then it is definitely our incapacity and mistake. True are these words. If we have dreams and a zeal to do something nothing can stop us from achieving our goals. If there is fire within us we can never be bent or broken down by anything and anyone. This is what Ranu Mondal from Ranaghat, West Bengal has showed us. An inspiration to millions of people out there, she is someone whose story is really touching and encouraging at the same time.

Ranu Mondal is a dynamic lady who hails from a very small town in West Bengal. A daily struggler with life, she was someone who had a very hard early life. She could barely make her ends meet. She was a poor lady who was married off at a young age and has a daughter too. She would always dream since childhood of becoming a famous singer and showing off her talent to everyone. She has a really marvelous voice just as sweet as the nightingale. But due to her financial conditions, her dreams got submerged and turned into ashes. She had lost all hope. However, God always helps those who believe in Him and have faith in Him. If you are really dedicated in your life and have an undying passion along with an unconventional talent, God will surely build ways for you to get recognized and reach out and make our own space in this gigantic world.

So when fifty years later, Ranu had lost all hopes and visions of becoming a singer, a golden opportunity knocked her door. It happened so one fine day on July, 2019, when Atindra Chakraborty, a 26 year old engineering student, came up as a blessing in disguise and shot a video of Ranu as she was singing Ek Pyar ka Nagma hai. As Atindra uploaded the video on social media, within minutes it went all viral and trending. The golden voice of enchanting Ranu impressed and won our hearts so fast that this video became one of the most shared videos and slowly it reached out to the versatile music directors of both the Bengali film industry and of Bollywood as well.

Luck had finally churned its wheels. Hope had finally arrived and Ranu got her first break. With her extremely mellifluous voice she sang and recorded a few songs that instantly became chart-busters. And then the Golden man of Bollywood, the one and only Himesh Reshammiya offered her a song named Teri meri kahani in his latest film Happy Hardy and Heer. Life became a roller coaster for our dear Ranu. After keeping us spellbound by her stellar performances, she is now on her way to create history and teach us a lesson to never lose hope in life. Flooded with fame from everywhere, Ranu is now a sensation all over.

A huge fan of Lata Mangeshkar herself, Ranu has earned the nickname of Lata of Ranaghat. She is the role model now to a large number of people and has taught us some valuable life lessons. Rich, poor, old and young nothing matters much. What is necessary to achieve your dreams is pure talent, hard work, an indomitable spirit, will power, luck, optimism and a huge faith in the Almighty. If you have these ingredients, you can conquer the world and Time will be yours. We wish Ranu lots of love and success and hope to listen to more melodies from her mellifluent voice.

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