O Yaara Lyrics by Alright! – Backpackers | Song Video Included

Love does not come with a warning. It occurs at unexpected places and at unexpected times. The track O Yaara from the mesmerising web series Backpackers talks about this statement. O Yaara has been sung, composed and penned down by the genius and versatile Udit Shandilya. The song is very beautiful and soothing. O Yaara lyrics have been provided here. The lyrics of O Yaara given here are accurate and verified. The lyrics are indeed conversational and quite relatable. This romantic number belongs to the feature film soundtrack genre and uses the guitars euphoniously. The guitar chords O Yaara are simple and easy and can be played by the beginners as well. O Yaara is melody meant to stay with us forever.

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Alright O Yaara Lyrics – Backpackers

Filhaal to oh yaara

Kuch soch raha hu me
Ye Ishq hai kya yaara?
Parakh rha hun me

Naye hai is Shehar me
Tere dil ke…
Tu dikha de, tu sikha de

Dastoor hai tu ishq ka
Paar kara mujhe ye Intehaan
Kuch durr hai manzil abhi
Tu saath chal isse asaan bana

O yaara

Karar to o yaara
Unn dilo ka hota hai
Bichadana Jinhe kbhi
Kahi na hota hai

Sunta hun jab awaazein iss dil ki
Tera he naam aye har baar
Zubaan pe yaar

Dastoor hai tu ishq ka
Paar kara mujhe ye intehaan
Kuch durr hai manzil abhi
Tu saath chal ise asaan bana

O yaara

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Backpackers Alright O Yaara Song Video

O Yaara - Official Lyrical Video | Alright! - Backpackers | Hattke

O Yaara is a romantic song. Often while you are travelling or trekking, you meet someone with whom you strike a conversation and click instantly. That makes you elated and happiest, doesn’t it? And that is where Cupid decides to step in and shoot the arrow between you two causing love and magic to happen. O Yaara resembles this. It talks about this exact emotion and feeling and will keep you totally spellbound and astounded. The lyrics talk about a blooming romance, a love which is nascent and pure. The composition of Udit has indeed nailed it, and we cannot help but marvel at his brilliance and talent. Udit’s voice is very refreshing and dulcet. The video of this track is a delight to watch. So if you are planning to travel and go on a solo trip, then this song is your perfect companion.

Song Credits

Singer/Artist: Udit Shandilya
Music Composition: Udit Shandilya
Lyrics by Udit Shandilya
Language: Hindi
Web Series: Backpackers
Music Label: Alright

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