Musical Instruments for Children

Children are indeed a priceless gift from God. They are little angels born to enchant and mesmerize us. A beautiful smile and those uncontrollable laughing spells cast by them are really powerful enough to bid adieu to all your tensions and worries. Innocent little stars, world without children will be just incomplete and lifeless. So, if you have a sweet child around you who means everything to you then here is something that will definitely catch your attention. We will be sharing with you the different musical instruments for children. Kids love music. You will see that whenever you play any musical piece or song, they will jig a little to it and carry a million dollar smile on their charming faces. Then why not gift them a musical instrument which they can play with and win the world. Here we will be enlisting the different instruments only for children from age 3 to 10, so you can pick and choose accordingly.

The musical instruments that we have compiled here are all available in the online and offline market. They come in pocket-friendly and reasonable prices too. So you won’t have to shell much and your toddler will be ecstatic with his/her new gift as well. The various musical instruments for children are:

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Xylophone and glockenspiel

Cute and colorful little instruments, xylophones and glockenspiels can emit 8 different tunes that are loved by babies. Playing them is also very simple since all they have to do is press the notes with the sticks provided to them. Easy and hassle free, isn’t it? Available in unique shapes and designs, they are a perfect toy for your wonderful baby. Priced from Rs. 240 onwards, you can purchase a small Xylophone from Amazon only.

4-string guitars/Ukulele

Who said that only adults can strum a guitar? There are small miniature guitars with 4 strings that can be played effortlessly by these tiny toddlers. Not just toys but they also are instrumental in helping your kid learn the basics of guitar. We would also include 3b bass guitars and small ukuleles under this heading since all of them are a variant of the guitars. So buy your lovely baby that rockstar instrument cause after all who knows, your child could be the next David Gilmour?


Harmonica and recorders are extremely easy and simple to play. All they have to do is blow the mouthpiece and the tune will come out automatically. Children love the euphonious strains that these wind instruments give out. Available online easily, harmonicas and recorders are quite inexpensive and are a good buy too.


Keyboards and pianos are instruments that children can play from the age of 4 itself. Fun and easy to play, there are electric pianos and synthesizers available in a plethora of shapes and dimensions that will suit your child’s needs perfectly. So you can opt for this musical gizmo if you feel your child can be the next Bach of this century.


Kalimbas or thumb piano literally have no age to play. One of the simplest instruments in the world, a tiny tot can also strum the tabs and create his or her own masterpiece even at the age of 4. Since the numbers and letters are etched on the keys itself, referring and then playing random notes will also give birth to a classic composed by your little genius. And you can get this instrument practically from anywhere by reading Kalimba Tabs. We have also listed some best kalimba songs that can be considered to play.


Tiny drum sets, damroo and Cajon hand drums are best musical instruments for babies. Playing percussion instruments are literally a child’s play and if they have a flair for music then they will by themselves develop the sense of beats and rhythms. So you can gift this musical instrument to your child and see the glow in his/her face.

Tambourines and shaker eggs

These musical instruments are ideal and apt for children. Their small hands can shake and hold them pretty well and mastering these instruments contains no rocket science. Children love to hear clamouring sounds too. You can consider this instrument for children.

These are our top picks for children’s musical instruments. From toddlers to primary school kids, these instruments can be played by everyone alike. Introducing children to music from a very early age is also quite beneficial for them as music indeed has a lot of therapeutic uses. Not only will it increase the concentration power but also it helps in enhancing the memory skills making your child a prodigy. So without any more dilly dally let these munchkins explore the world of music and enjoy some magically blissful moments with these adorable balls of love.

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