Guitar: Bojhena Shey Bojhena Chords

Love can be painful at times and separations are always heart-breaking. The woes and agonies of break ups has been beautifully summarized in this soulful track Bojhena se bojhena from the film Bojhena se bojhena. This track has been sung by the mellifluous king of sad songs Arijit Singh, composed by the maestro Indraadip Dasgupta and has been penned down by the poetic Prasen. From the feature film soundtrack genre, this song uses the guitars, piano, flute, the drums, the tabla, the violins and other instruments euphoniously. Bojhena se bojhena chords are easy and can be played by the amateurs effortlessly. The guitar chords of Bojhena se bojhena are C, G, Am, F, Dm, Em, Bb. This melody has been played in the C major scale with a moderately paced tempo and a signature 4/4 beat. The chords of Bojhena se bojhena follow a strumming pattern of D DU DU.

Bojhena Shey Bojhena Guitar Chords

Song Scale/Key: C
No. of Chords: 7
Chords Used: C, G, Am, F, Dm, Em, & Bb/A#
Rhythm Pattern: D DU DU

Boro (C)ichchey korche (G)dkte
Tar(F)gondhey mekhe (Em)thkte
Keno(Am)sondhe-sondhe (A#)naamle sey(C)palay
Takey(Em)atkey rakhaa(Am)chestaa
Aro(Em)barie diche (Am)testa
Ami (A#)dariey dekchi (F)sheshta(C)janlay(G)

shey bojhey(Dm)na… bojhey(G)na
shey bojhe(F)naa
Bojhe(Am)na shey bojhe(Dm)na bojhey(G)na
shey bojhe(C)na
Bojhe(A#)aa… bojhe(F)naa.. bojhe(C)naa…
bojhe(A#)naa… bojhe(F)naa bojhe(C)naa…

(C)Tai swaapno-swaapno (G)logne
Tar (F)onno-onno (G)dakna
Take (C)nito-notun(A#)jotne key(C)saajayi
Sob (Em)swaapno sottie(Am)hoyker
Tobu (Em)dekhte-dekhtey(Am)katchi
Arey(A#)hatchi jedike(F)amar duchokh (C)jae

shey Bojhey(Dm)naa bojhe(G)naa..
shey bojhe(F)naa
shey Bojhe(Dm)naa…
Bojhe(A#)naa… (G)shey bojhe(C)naa
Bojhe(A#)aa… bojhe(F)naa… bojhe(C)naa..
bojhe(A#)naa… bojhe(F)naa bojhe(C)naa

(C)Ache songe sottie(G)mithey
Din (F)Bolchey jete(G)jete
Mon (F)gumre-gumre (A#)morchey Ki(C)upaay

Jaani(G)swaapno sottie(Am)hoyna
Monta (Em)maante (Am)chainaa
Kono (A#)amun raatri(F)naamche (C)jaanlay

shey Bojhey(Dm)naa bojhe(G)na…
shey bojhe(F)naa
shey Bojhe(Dm)naa…
Bojhe(A#)na… (G)shey bojhe(C)na
Bojhe(A#)aa… bojhey(F)na.. bojhe(C)na..
bojhe(A#)naa.. bojhey(F)na bojhe(C)naa

Etaa(C)golpo hole oo(G)parto
Pta (F)ekta adhta(G)portam
Khoob (F)lukiyeh bachiye(A#)rakhtm(C)take
Jani (G)abr asbey(Am) kalke…
niye (Em)palki-palki (Am)bhabnaa
pher (A#)chole jabe kore (F)ekla (C)amaake

shey Bojhey(Dm)naa bojhey(G)naa..
shey bojhey(F)na
shey Bojhe(Dm)naa…
Bojhe(A#)naa… (G)shey bojhe(C)naa
Bojhe(A#)aa… bojhe(F)naa… bojhe(C)naa..
bojhe(A#)na… bojhe(F)naa bojhe(C)na…

More About this Song: Bojhena se bojhena is a heart rendering song. This soulful rendition is bound to bring a tear to your eyes due to the touching and emotional lyrics. The song talks about how the parting is inevitable and how the beloved fails to understand the feelings of the lover in these matters. The tune is extremely blissful and soothing and gives a very melancholic feel. The music is a proof of Indraadip’s genius as he uses several instruments to create this beautiful symphony. The song is a journey of memories, emotions and beats. However what steals the show is Arijit Singh’s stellar performance. His extremely dulcet and classically enriched vocals make us come back to this song again and again. The aria at the beginning and Arijit’s crooning in the end is nothing but spellbinding. This song has been filmed on a river location and features Arijit himself. The video is a delight to watch. This song has a female version present in the album of the film and is as mesmerising as this male version. This track harmonises well with the pensive and crestfallen mood and if you’re suffering from a devastating heartbreak then this song is just the right one for you to express your feelings and let out your grief.

Song Credits

Song Title: Bojhena Shey Bojhena
Film/Movie Name: Bojhena Shey Bojhena
Singer/Artist: Arijit Singh
Music Composition: Indradeep Dasgupta
Lyrics by Prasen

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