Jubin Nautiyal—Dil Jaaniye Chords with Strumming (Guitar)

Love has mysterious ways of finding us and Dil Jaaniye from the movie Khandani Shafakhana is the song that goes well with this saying. Sung by the mellifluous Jubin Nautiyal and the sweet Tulsi Kumar, the song has been composed by the versatile Payal Dev and has been penned down by the poetic Shabbir Ahmed. This track belongs to the feature film soundtrack genre and uses the Indian percussion instruments, the pianica and the live guitars very beautifully. Dil Jaaniye chords have a medium level of difficulty and a bit of skills are required on the part of the guitarist to strum them fluently. The guitar chords of Dil Jaaniye are four in number and they are A#/Bb, D#/Eb, F, Gm. The song has been played in the A#/Bb scale with a moderately paced tempo and a signature 4/4 beat. The chords of Dil Jaaniye follow a strumming pattern of D DUDD DD.

Dil Jaaniye Guitar Chords

Song Key/Scale: A#/Bb
No. of Chords:
Chords Used: A#/Bb, D#/Eb, F, Gm,
Strumming Pattern: D DUDD DD

[A#]Sacchiyaan mohabbataan nibh[Gm]awaanga
[F]Ranjheya me tera kehl[D#]aawanga
[A#]Ikk waari dil lag [Gm]jaane de
[F]Dil da karar ban[A#]jawaanga

[A#]Sachhiyaan mohabbataan nibh[Gm]awaangi
[F]Heeriye me teri kehl[A#]awaangi
[A#]Ikk vaari dil lag [Gm]jaane de
[F]Dil da karar ban [A#]jawangi

Ilte[Cm]za dil di [F]hai
Ik peh[Cm]al ishq [F]ki hone[D#] de

Dil [A#]jaaniye mainu [Gm]jee lain de
Do [D#]lafz-ae-mohabbatt [F]keh lain de
Dil [A#]Jaaniye mainu [Gm]jee lain de
Do [D#]lafz-ae-mohabbatt [F]keh lain de

[A#]Din raat tujhe me [Gm]dekha karu
Aa[F]nkhon ki yahi bs [D#]chahat hai

[A#]Din raat tujhe me [Gm]dekha karu
Aa[F]nkhon ki yahi bs [D#]chahat hai
Main [A#]kaid hu teri la[D#]keero me
Tere [F]saath he meri [A#]kismat hai

Jeet [F]ki [C]har [F]ki
Ik pehal pyar ki hone[D#] de

Dil [A#]Janiye mainu [Gm]jee lain de
Do [D#]lafz-ae-mohabbatt [F]keh lain de
Dil [A#]Jaaniye mainu [Gm]jee lain de
Do [D#]lafz-ae-mohabbatt [F]keh lain [A#]de

Mera Rab tujh mein he [Gm]vasda aye
Dil [F]krta teri iba[D#]adat hai

[A#]Mera Rab tujh mein he [Gm]vasda aey
Dil [F]krta teri iba[D#]adat hai
Naz[A#]deek hai lekin [D#]keh na sake
Mujh[F]ko teri he [A#]aadat hai

Bew[D#]ajah jeene [F]ki
Haule-haule se dil, khone [D#]de

Dil [A#]Jaaniye mainu [Gm]jee lain de
Do [D#]lafz-ae-mohabatt [F]keh lain de
Dil [A#]Jaaniye mainu [Gm]jee lain de
Do [D#]lafz-ae-mohabatt [F]keh lain de

More About this Song:

Dil Jaaniye is an intensely romantic song. Love and passion are filled in every word of it. Shabbir Ahmed has very enchantingly carved the innermost feelings residing deep down in our hearts into this wonderful melody. The number croons about how the lover will love the beloved unconditionally till eternity. The lyrics are in Punjabi so have a very Sufi vibe about them. The music is immensely soothing and blissful. Throughout the song there is no crest or trough and that is why this melody is appealing in times of quietude. The track has a very euphonious feeling and Payal Dev with her entire team has done a commendable job. Jubin and Tulsi are beyond all praise. Jubin’s deep and powerful voice makes us fall in love with this song. Tulsi is too mellifluent and her melodious vocals just steal our hearts. Filmed on the gorgeous Sonakshi and the handsome Priyam, their chemistry is sensational and the video is a delight to watch. This song harmonizes well with a romantic and passionate mood. And if you want to serenade with your lover in your arms on a romantic date or a candle light dinner, then this song right here is just the ideal and perfect number for you.

Song Credits

Song Title: Dil Jaaniye
Singers/Artists: Tulsi Kumar, Jubin Nautiyal & Payal Dev
Album Title: Khandaani Shafakhana
Lyrics by Shabbir Ahmed
Music Composition: Aditya Dev
Language: Hindi (Bollywood)
Music Label: T-Series
Country: India
Releasing Year: July 2019

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