Easy English Songs to Sing for Beginners

Singing is like setting yourself free. It is like unshackling the chains and experiencing a euphoria. Singing gives you life. It enlightens you and shoos away all your woes and sorrows. Indeed, your troubles can run away if you sing out loud with all your heart and soul. You don’t have to be Rihanna or Elvis Presley if you want to sing. Just be yourself and let music come out right from within. That is all that matters. So, if the singer in you is hustling and bustling now, waiting to unleash itself and stun everyone around here, then you are in for a surprise here. We are listing below some of the easy English songs to sing for beginners, professionals and non-singers. Basically, these songs are for everyone and anyone of you can sing them at anytime and anywhere you want. So, gurgle a bit and cough away everything and let the nightingale in you fly and soar high. We have curated and compiled this list just for you, so don’t forget to thank us later!

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Easy English Songs to Sing for Beginners

What a wonderful world

This retro masterpiece by Louis Armstrong is quite an easy piece that you can sing freely and fluently. The melody is a heartfelt gratitude and it glorifies the world singing praises about how beautiful she is. The song fills you with hope and optimism. This is a song that comes right straight from the heart. Also, there is no musical intricacy in the song. That is why anybody and everybody can sing this melody with finesse.

Ain’t no sunshine

A Bill Withers’ number, it is a melody about love, passion and how lifeless it feels without the beloved. Love songs are the easiest ones to sing. This is because you sing it will all your emotions and dedication. Thus, this melody will be perfect for you if you want to sing a song to your someone special to win his or her heart.

Wonderful tonight

This Eric Clapton number is just what we go to whenever we are thinking of serenading with our partners in our arms. An iconic love song, singing it is a game for you and people will think you to be a proficient singer if you add the flavour of love in your voice when you sing it. People are bound to fall in love with you as you carol away this melody gracefully.


Without John Lennon’s number, music doesn’t come alive much. That is why we will mention this classic in this list. A song about peace, unity, brotherhood and harmony, this song can be sung in one scale only. And everyone knows the lyrics, right? So, why wait then? Croon Imagine in your own style and shove off your tension under the rags.

Mamma Mia

A funky and upbeat number by ABBA, this melody ranges in the higher octaves that the female vocals can achieve fluently. The male vocals have to sing a scale above to sing it perfectly. A melody about falling in love again after getting your heart broken, caroling it is fun and simple. Go through the lyrics and memorize the tune and let music flow all around you.

Stand by me

This melody by Ben E. King is just one of the popular numbers that has been widely covered by many many singers all over the globe. Even Bollywood has used the chorus of this song in one of our all-time hit numbers which features the one and only SRK. (Guess the song!). Thus, singing it will be fun and a two-minutes thing for you and once you listen to this number, you will know why we are making this claim.

A thousand years

This song from the Twilight Saga, sung by the talented Christina Perri, is perfect for vocals that have a higher pitch. The melody is sung in a higher octave so girls will find it easier to croon. But for the male voice, just lower the scale and you are good to go. This romantic soundtrack is amongst the most popular love songs that everyone knows by heart. That is why singing it with all your soul will just make you no less than a professional singer. Just give it a try now!


A song by Colbie Callait, this is a love song where the girl is drowning in the love of the man of her dreams. A soulful number, the scale is low and the lyrics are repetitive. That is why singing it is just so very easy and basic. Both the male and female voice can sing it flawlessly as the melody ambles on in a middle scale and the octave is just perfect.

Hey Jude

Another timeless song, don’t you all agree? Mastering this Beatles’ track will take you just a minute or two. There is a bit of an up and down in the octave of this song but that is nothing which you cannot ace. A song for both the male and female vocals, this song will always come perfectly from your heart as this song gives you positivity and makes everything better in the end.

Leaving on a jet plane

A John Denver country folk and pop number, this song is an emotion. It is a tale, a narrative. You don’t sing it. You feel it. And you let your voice do the talking. This is an easy English to song and is loved by everyone. It is a huge crowd pleaser and if you sing this, you will literally make everyone go gaga on you. Just keep in mind to maintain the octave while you sing as it tends to soar up a bit sometimes.

She will be loved

This is a song best suited for the female vocals since the octave of this melody and the pitch ranges towards the higher end, but then Adam Levine indeed did teach us how the male vocals can nail this melody. This song by Maroon 5 is about love and its sweet nothings. If you have a broken heart, this song will come out best from your voice and you will indeed make this number come to life with your magic.

Wish you were here

Another all-time favourite number, this classic by Pink Floyd needs no introduction at all. You know you have to sing it when you are missing someone badly. And what stirs the musical chords of your heart so deep? Parting and pain do. So, you can mellifluously croon this number as it ranges in one octave only, there is no variations in the scale and give some solace to your wearied mind.


A lively melody that will ignite a fire inside you, then this is your song matey! This number by the Spice Girls is fast, rocking and simple to sing. There is not much of vocalic crests and falls and all you have to do is repeat the chorus and the verses and sway to it while you keep everyone spellbound with your stellar performance.


A romantic rendition by Ed Sheeran, you already know this song and have probably sung it millions of times with your friends and loved ones, isn’t it? So, there is nothing much to tell. Maintain the low octave and let your heart ramble on the emotional lyrics that this touching melody has.

Wind of change

A hard rock ballad by Scorpions, this is the melody that spread ripples of revolutions all over the world. A melody about the war getting over and things coming back to how they were before, this is a song that is known to one and all. It is a song about good times that is on its way. This is perhaps one of the easiest songs to sing since it has been sung in the usual C major scale only and there is no vocalic intricacy or tempo fluctuation here. Therefore, picking it up and then performing it will be a child’s play for you.

Wake me up when September ends

Music flows best when you experience loss and anguish. This emotional rendition by Green Day is one of the easiest melodies to sing and you can really nail it if you perform the number with all your emotions and feelings. The lyrics are known to all, of course, and the octave is just perfect and not too high or low. So, those of you going through a tough phase, this is the song you have to sing to yourself to fight your battles and move on with life.

Summer of 69

This Bryan Adams’ song is a walk down the memory lane and we bet that all of you have sung it on your farewells and jamming sessions with your old mates. Thus, nothing more to talk about it, just sing this song out loud and embrace the fond nostalgic memories flashing right in front of your eyes.

The Scientist

It would be grave injustice if this beautiful rendition by Coldplay wasn’t mentioned in this list. One of the most loved, most popular and of course our favourite number, singing it just a cakewalk. As the lyrics croon about losing someone and failure in love, this melody can be sung by everyone if they just let the tune come out of their hearts directly.

Breakfast at Tiffany’s

All of you have to know this popular chartbuster by heart, isn’t it? A wonder by Deep Blue Something, this is super-easy and extremely fun to sing. The lyrics are not complicated at all and if you listen to it twice, the melody will etch itself in your heart and you cannot stop yourself humming this number all day long.

Folsom prison blues

An eternal classic by the legendary Johnny Cash, this song is what you could sing at a bar with your eyes closed and your heart diving deep into the sea of music. A song with metaphorical lyrics and the normal usual octave, singing it is just an easy task to do, seriously.


This Leonard Cohen song needs no introduction at all. Those of you who have heard it or are yet to hear, will know that this melody runs on in one scale at a medium paced tempo. It doesn’t need any vocalic mastery or finesse. It just needs respect and contemplation from you. And then you can sing this song and please the crowd who are mesmerized by your novice skills.

Should I stay or should I go

This rock number by The Clash is a melody that we wouldn’t miss even for the world. A melody with very few vocalic overtures, singing this is not much of a trouble as the octave of this melody remains constant more or less. The lyrics are simple so you can memorise them properly. Play it out on your guitar and rock the dais.

Da doo ron ron

This hip and dope sung by The Crystals is not just entertaining but also quite grooving. Once you sing this melody, you will automatically get charged up and your mood will get boosted ten times more. The chorus is fun to sing and you can learn and croon this melody without putting any efforts at all.

Let her go

A record smasher by the Passengers, this is a song that everybody sings best. It is a melody that was created for everyone to sing. All of you who have had their hearts shattered by someone badly find solace to their wounds in this melody. Singing it is that’s why not quite a challenge as whenever you hum this song, emotions will overwhelm you and your voice will sound sweeter than ever before thus stealing everybody’s hearts away.

What makes you beautiful

it would be unfair to finish off this list without mentioning this One Direction chartbuster. A sweet romantic song that is quite trending in Instagram reels, this melody can be sung by everyone alike. The tempo is fast, the octave is low and the lyrics are meaningful and lovey-dovey.

Thus, these are our top recommendations that we feel will indeed fill your heart with joy and which you can sing blindly without encountering any difficulty at all. The above-mentioned songs are all curated from diverse genres spanning over a substantial period of time. These melodies are our all-time loved tracks and singing them will just uplift your spirits and give you unparalleled pleasure. Just a word of advice, don’t stress your voice much or you can cause damage to it. Sing with your soul and pour all your emotions in it. Also, do go through these numbers a couple of times, practice them and then sing. You will just feel the difference. Now we won’t be holding you back anymore. Groove, sing and enjoy life now with your voice and your songs.

“He who sings frightens away his ills.”
-Miguel de Cervantes