SANAM – Jaane De Mujhe Chords with Strumming (Guitar)

Love, relationships are beautiful and enchanting but also have their own side effects. If love fizzles out and the relationship is broken then the aftermath is quite devastating. Jaane de mujhe by the mesmerising Sanam is a track that suits this statement well. Composed by Sanam Puri himself, the lyrics have been penned down by the poetic Kunaal Verma. From the feature film soundtrack genre, this melody uses the guitars, the piano, the drums and the violins very artfully. Jaane de mujhe chords are hard and intricate and only the skilled guitarists can play them with ease. The guitar chords of Jaane de mujhe are six in number and they are Fm, D#/Eb, C#/Db, Cm, A#m/Bbm, G#/Ab. This song has been played in the Fm scale with a moderately paced tempo and a signature 4/4 beat. The chords of Jaane do mujhe follow a strumming pattern of D D DD D D.

Jaane De Mujhe Guitar Chords

Song Scale/Key: Fm
Chords Used: Fm, D#/Eb, C#/Db, Cm, A#m/Bbm, G#/Ab
Strumming Pattern: D D DUDUD or D D DD D D

[Fm]Tere dil me zindagi
[Fm]Me kahi bhi hu nahi
[Fm]Kaash me kabhi tujhe bhula pau

[Fm]Pass tere me nahi
[Fm]Sath mere tu nahi
[Fm]Main tere bina bta kahan jau

Yaad[C#]ein tere baad bhi kyu a[D#]ati hai
[Cm]Kyun aankhein meri bhar [Fm]jaati hai [D#]

Jaane [Fm]de muj[A#m]he
Kar[D#]de juda na [Cm]roz-roz todd [G#]dil mera
Na tod [C#]dil mera
Jaane [D#]de mujhe
Kar[Cm]de juda na roz-roz todd [G#]dil mera
Na tod [C#]dil mera [D#]aa[Fm]aa

[Fm]Pyar woh tera mera
[Fm]Khwaab banke reh gya
Jo [Cm]char aankho do dilo ne dekha [Fm]tha

Hogi yu naarazgi
Ki fir milenge he nhi
Yeh [Cm]humne-tumne to kabhi na socha [F]tha

Raat[C#]ein sb taare gingin guz[D#]aari hai
Neen[Cm]dein smjha ke aankho ko
[Fm]haari hai aye[D#]aey

Jaane [Fm]de muj[A#m]he
Kar[D#]de juda na roz-roz todd [G#]dil mera
Naa tod [C#]dil mera
Jaane [D#]de mujhe
Kar[Cm]de juda na roz-roz todd [G#]dil mera
Naa tod [C#]dil mera aa[D#]aaa

Jaane de mujhe…

More About this Song: Jaane de mujhe is a single that is perhaps one of the best sad songs created by the Hindi music industry. The world is filled with creative and versatile people and Sanam is one of the finest living examples of it. The music, his performance and also his acting skills in the video of this melody shows us his talent and adeptness. The tune is very soothing and relaxing. Every heartbroken lover can find solace in this song. The lyrics carry a deep sense of pathos and are extremely heart-wrenching. This number is intensely melancholic. The music is a smooth flow of emotions and feelings along with rhythm and beats. There is no fast or exciting beat and therefore it is pleasing to hear in a sad and low mood. Sanam’s voice is just phenomenal and his deep and gentle vocals steal away our hearts in an instant. His voice has a very rich tonal quality and it is for him that we are compelled to hear this melody again and again. So if you are in facing a painful break up or a calamitous separation then listen to this song to gain some respite and heal your wound and grief.

Song Credits

Song Title: Jaane De Mujhe
Singer/Artist: Sanam Puri
Lyrics by Kunaal Vermaa
Music Composition: SANAM
Language: Hindi
Country: India
Releasing Year: July 2019
Music Label: Universal Music India

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