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Khulke Jeene Ka is a song that is simply winning our hearts. So here we present to you the Khulke Jeene Ka guitar chords. The chords are easy and simple and the beginners can master them in a jiffy. The guitar chords of Khulke Jeene Ka are Am, Em, D, G, C, Bm, B. The melody has been played in a moderately paced tempo and a signature 4/4 beat.

Khulke Jeene Ka from the movie Dil Bechara is nothing but a sheer bliss to the ears. This song has been sung by the mellifluous Arijit Singh and the mellifluent Shashaa Tirupati, composed by the greatest maestro A. R. Rahman and has been penned down by the poetic Amitabh Bhattacharya. The chords of Khulke Jeene Ka follow a smooth and harmonious progression with an elementary strumming pattern. From the feature film soundtrack genre, this song uses the various exotic instruments quite euphoniously.

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Khulke Jeene Ka Chords

(Am)Khulke Jeene (Em)Ka
Tareeka (Am)Tumhe Sikhaate (B)Hai
(Am)Haske Dekho (Em)Na
Lateefa (G)Tumhe (Bm)Sunaate (B)Hai

(Em)Umar Ke Saal Kitne Hai Gin-Gin (Am)ke Kya Karna
(Em)Beet Jaaye Na Ginti Me (Am)Hi Varna (D)
(G)Aao Filmon Ke Beadabb (C)Gaane Gaatey (D)Hai
(G)Heroine Hero Aaj Hum (C)Tum Ban Jaate (D)Hai

(Am)Khul Ke Jeene (Em)Ka
Tareeka (Am)Tumhe Sikhate (Bm)Hai
(Am)Hanske Dekho (Em)Naa
Lateefa (G)Tumhe Sunate (Bm)Hai

(C)Khushiyaan To (D)Rakhi Hai (G)Pocket Me
(C)Kaagaz Ke (D)Nanhein Se (C)Packet Me (D)
(G)Inki Bijli Ki Tarah Kyu Bachat (C)Kare Batao (D)Na
(G)Kharch Kar Daalenge Saari (C)Aaj Hi Aao Naa
(C)Hai Mehenge Dard Bade
Aur (D)Muskan Paayi Humne (D)Maut Me

(Am)Khul Ke Jeene (Em)Ka
Tareeka (Am)Tumhein Sikhaate (Bm)Hai
(Am)Hanske Dekho (Em)Na
Lateefa (G)Tumhein Sunaate (Bm)Hai

(Em)Umar Ke Saal Kitne Hai Ginn Ginn (Am)ke Kya Karna
(Em)Beet Jaye Na Ginti Me (Am)Hi warna (D)
(G)Aao Filmo Ke Beadab (C)Gaane Gaate (D)Hain
(G)Heroin Hero Aaj Hum (C)Tum Ban Jaate (D)Hain

(C)Dil Ki Hai (D)Itni He (G)Naadani
(C)Chutki Me (D)Ho Jaaye (G)Romani (D)
(G)Yaari Or Chaahat Ke Jo Beech (C)Maheen Sarhad (D)Hai
(G)Paar Usko Kar Jaana Dil Ki Buri (C)Aadat Hai
(C)Aaasani Se Aa Jaaye
Do (D)Anjaan Ankhiyon Ki Girafat (D)

(Am)Khulke Jeene (Em)Ka
Tareeka (Am)Tumhein Sikhaate (B)Hai
(Am)Hanske Dekho (Em)Na
Lateefa (G)Tumhein (Bm)Sunate (B)Hai

(Em)Umar Ke Saal Kitne Hai Gin Gin (Am)ke Kya Karna
(Em)Beet Jaaye Na Ginti Me (Am)Hi warna (D)
(G)Aao Filmo Ke Be-adab (C)Gaane Gaate (D)Hai
(G)Heroine Hero Aaj Hum (C)Tum Ban Jate (D)Hai

(Am)Khulke Jeene (Em)Ka
Tarika (Am)Tumhein Sikhate (B)Hai
(Am)Hanske Dekho (Em)Na
Latifa (G)Tumhein (Bm)Sunate (B)Hai

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Dil Bechara- Khulke Jeene Ka (Official)|Sushant, Sanjana|A.R Rahman|Arijit, Shashaa|Amitabh B|Mukesh

Sushant Singh Rajput was an enchanter. With a sweet smile and charming personality, he could just win our hearts within a blink of an eye. And this is what he did along with the stunning Sanjana Sanghi in this movie and the song. The melody is a reminder to forget all the tensions and stress and just live life to the fullest. With a refreshing and soothing tune, the song plays on captivating each one of us. This mesmerising number harmonises well with the happy and the cheerful mood. This track is a perfect mood-setter on a lazy Sunday afternoon.

Song Credits

Song Title: Khulke Jeene Ka
Movie/Film: Dil Bechara
Singer/Artist: Arijit Singh, Shashaa Tirupati
Music Composition: A. R. Rahman
Lyrics by Amitabh Bhattacharya
Releasing Year: 2020
Language: Hindi (Bollywood)
Music Label: Sony Music India

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