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You cannot resist love nor say a no to it. When it happens to someone they cannot do anything about it but helplessly submerge themselves in this sweet sea of emotions. Hum teri ore chale from the film Family of Thakurganj validates this claim truly. This melody has been sung by the legendary Sonu Nigam and the nightingale Shreya Ghoshal, composed by the genius Sajid-Wajid and penned down by the poetic Danish Sabri. From the feature film soundtrack genre, this song is a guitar based song and uses the drums and other string instruments very beautifully. Hum teri ore chale chords are very easy and can be played by the beginners as well. The guitar chords of Hum teri ore chale are five in number and they are E, A, D, B, C#m. The song has been played in the E scale with a moderately paced tempo and a signature 4/4 beat. The chords of Hum teri ore chale follow a strumming pattern of D DU DU DU.

Hum Teri Ore Chale Guitar Chords

Song Scale/Key: E
No. of Chords: 5
Chords Used: E, A, D, B, C#m
Strumming Pattern: D DU DU DU

Intro Music/Humming:
[E]Hu oo.. [A]hu oo [E]Hu oo [B]ooh…
[A]hu oo.. [E]Hu oo [B]uh [A]hu ooh…

Tu na jaane[C#m] kitni pasand hai[A]
Mujh ko sohbat te[E]ri
Badli-badli si[C#m] yu lgti hai
[A]Mujh ko aadat me[E]ri

Ek na[D]yasa [E]sawera li[D]ye
[E]Aankhon me [D]tera chehra li[E]ye
Ki hum teri aur cha[A]le rey pi[E]ya
Bina kisi [B]dorr cha[A]le rey pi[E]ya

[E]Baato he baato me
[E]Do mulaakato me
Chalne [A]laga jaadu [E]tera
[E]Haule se… dheere se
[E]Aankhon he aankho me
Tu le g[A]ya, sb kuch [E]mera

Jab se hai hum [A]yr teri [E]dos[A]ti me [E]oh
Kuch alag he [A]baat hai is zindagi me [E]oh

Parwaah n[D]hi hum ko [E]duniya ki [D]abb
[E]Chaahe khaf[D]fa ho jaye mera [E]rab
Ki hum teri ore cha[A]le re pi[E]yaa
Bina kisi [B]dorr cha[A]le re [E]piya

[E]Jahaan bhi jau me
[E]Tujhe he pau me
Tu har jag[A]ah mere sath hai [E]Haa
Dil ki baato ko kaise batau me
Tu din me[A]ra tu he ra[E]at hai

Oh tujhko he paa[A]ne ki humko [E]dhunn [A]lagi hai [E]oh
Khwaaishein bhi [A]an kahi dil [E]me jagi hai

Teri mo[D]habbatt ka [E]hai yeh as[D]ar
[E]Tu he hai [D]manzill tu he hai sa[E]far

Ki hum teri [B]ore cha[A]le re pi[E]ya
Bina kisi [B]dorr cha[A]le re [A]piya
Ki hum teri [B]ore cha[A]le re [E]piya
Bina kisi [B]dorr cha[A]le re [E]piya

More About the Song: Hum teri ore chale is a gem of a song. It is an intensely romantic number and is perhaps one of the best love songs composed by Bollywood. Sajid-Wajid are brilliant as usual and they have gifted us with an amazing and wonderful song. The entire melody very enchantingly captures a blooming love in a smooth flow of rhythm and beats. The music is very relaxing and refreshing and one can find it quite alluring in moments of solitude and nostalgia. The lyrics are filled with the flavour of love and amour, and every love struck couple can find this song talking about their own love story. Danish Sabri has wonderfully captured those indescribable feelings into such a bewitching melody. Sonu and Shreya’s duet however steals the show. Sonu Nigam is as usual beyond all praise and perfection. Shreya needs no applause as she is beyond all these. Her stellar performance keeps us totally spell bound. This song is the perfect mood setter on a romantic date or in moments of quietude with your lover by your side. And if you want your someone special to know how you feel about her then play to her this song and express your feelings and see how madly she falls in love with you.

Song Credits

Singer/Artist: Sonu Nigam, Shreya Ghoshal
Album Title: Family Of Thakurganj
Lyrics by Danish Sabri
Music Composition: Sajid-Wajid
Music Label: Zee Music Company
Releasing Year: 2019
Language: Hindi (Bollywood)
Country: India

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