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Emptiness is a timeless masterpiece which was released years back. To refresh and recreate its magic yet once again, VOID has remade it featuring the mellifluous Prerna and the marvellous Exult Yowl. The original version of it was sung by the talented Gajendra Verma. The rap has been performed by the brilliant VOID. The lyrics of Emptiness rap has been provided here. Emptiness rap lyrics are filled with a deep sense of pathos and melancholy. Often love gives us shocks and pains in the form of betrayals, infidelity and separations. The Emptiness rap lyrics explain the woes of love beautifully and in a very emotional way. The rap is a tale for all the wounded lovers and is intensely melancholic and heart-wrenching. You can also strum this song on your guitar. With simple guitar chords, the progression of the chords is subtle and harmonious and can be easily picked up by the amateurs.

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Emptiness Rap Lyrics

Tune mere jaana
Kabhi nahi jaana
Ishq mera dard mera

Bewajah tere hothon ko Me choota
Par ab unme mera naam nhi, saath tera choota
Yaha, tasveere hai teri, inka kya me karun
Lgta bura sapna hai koyi, phir Kyu uthne se me daru

Intezaar kiska karu
Intefaak isko kahun
Istemaal dil ka karun
Iss deewar se me ladu
Inteqaam le rha hai wakt
Meri kisi Bhul ka
Yaa pyar humaara khwaabon me bana hua tha dhull ka

Bahr baarish or andar Netflix tere saath
Popcorn aadhey jale, firse wahi baat
Abhi din tha kuch wakt pehle hone lagi raat
Fir ek nayi horror film, tu na chode mera haath

Par abb is apartment me baitha hun me akele hun
Yaad aate to pal jab hum baithe hote vele kyu
Kuch bhi kare, Bahar hoti baarish
Dono ke ankhon me hoti sirf pyar ki guzaarish

Par agar tujh ko du me dosh to mera bhi to dosh
Agar maine khoya pyar tune khoya hai ek dost
Dono ki hai aankhein khulli, or poora hai hosh
Par ab dono yaha se gaayab, jaise dono ghost

Duniya ki parwah nahi mujhe
Dil me basna nahi mujhe
Khud pe hasna nahi mujhe
Pyar me fasna nahi mujhe

Diye jo jale the Yaha pe saare bujhey
Me chaahta hun wo pure dil se kare pyar yahi tujhe

Aashiq tera…

Kaash in aasuon ko paani me badal du
Jo na me de paya abb tujh ko me kal du
Aadha me jala fir bhi aag pe me chal du
Choti si zindagi ke me saare tujh ko pal du

Jaanta hu der ho chuki hai
Me wo insaan he nhi jiske liye tu ruki hai
Bhulaane ki abb hai koshish, can’t control these forces
Kahaani ye adhoori, aur aankhein bhi jhuki

Kuch gaane jo apne the, unki feel bhi khatam
Galti se chal gye kahi pe, to khol dete ye jakham
Abb tujh ko bhula dene ki aakhir, kya hai rakam
Jitna jyaada pyaar mile, jaane kyu lage kam

Aaj dekhi teri tasveere, maine uske saath
Jaane kyu yaad mujh ko humaari pehli mulaaqat
Muskaan tere chehrey pe, haan ekdun waisi
Ya thodi zyaada badi, or teri aankhon thi wahi baat

And I feel so lonely…

I’m Lost in this storm, I’m just looking for some land
Move on & forget you, but that was never the plan
All the doors are locked since the day you left my hand
If your voice is the last thing I hear I will die a happy man

I really want you to be my only love
But I know that lonely journey is gonna be really rough
But what do you except when I know you were the one
So my heart stays still no matter wherever I run

Remember your body from your head to your toe
Remember your love from your heart to your soul
Remember you walking up & down on that floor
But remember I remember that you don’t want this anymore

Usko khone ka, dard, ab dil ne chupa lia
Saanse lena chaahta fir bhi abb dooba lia
Khud ko, Iss gaane se me bolra ki lost mat ho
Sachh hai I didn’t lose my girl, I lost my bro

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Tune Mere Jaana Rap Lyrics Video

Emptiness - Rap | VOID ft Prerna and Exult Yowl | Gajendra Verma - Tune Mere Jaana

More About the Song: Emptiness was a song that had wreaked havoc during the time of its release. And it’s rap version is also winning our hearts. The lyrics talk about the lover’s plight and his woe due to the separation from his beloved better half. The pain, the agony and the grief we experience when we have to part from our beloved and those unforgettable memories that haunt us all through the day has been brought out excellently. This track is a pacifying number with its gentle rhythm but also is a very emotional melody that helps to express and ease out the woes and agonies of parting. The music and the beats are gentle and soft yet groovy. The rap is extremely brilliant and has been well performed by VOID. His rapping skills are amazing and it is for his stellar performance that we are enchanted and hooked onto this song. Prerna also has done a commendable job. Her mellifluent vocals add more charm to this melody and makes it alluring and enticing to the audience. The song harmonises well with the heartbroken and crestfallen mood and if you are someone facing a similar situation then look no further as this is your song that will help you alleviate your pain.

Song Credits

Song/Rap Title: Tune Mere Jaana – Emptiness
Original Credits
: Gajendra Verma
Featured Singer: Prerna
Reproduced by Exult Yowl
Language: Hindi + English

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