[Handpicked] Best Bengali Christian Songs List | Merry Christmas 2019

Christmas is round the corner. It is the time when we exchange love and happiness in the form of freshly baked cakes, gifts and other little things that bring wide smiles on everybody’s pretty faces. During this pleasant time of warmth and merriment amidst the freezing winters, the aroma of these mesmerising delicacies and the sweet music of those enchanting Christmas carols sung by the melodious choirs indeed are refreshing and rejuvenating. This is the time when we see the feelings of brotherhood, fraternity and coming together all around us, keeping us alive and reminding us that humanity isn’t dead. Christmas is the emotion that preaches that no one is alone and everybody is loved. It is not just the festival of the Christians, but is an occasion celebrated by everyone from every religion. But wait, what is Christmas without music? Is it even complete without Jingle bells and Silent Night. So behold folks! Cause here we present to you a curated list of the top Bengali Christmas songs which all you Bengalis can listen to and enjoy. The best Bengali Christmas songs are right here, selected out of love for you that you can listen to and have a gala time with your friends, family and all your loved ones.

These popular Bengali Christmas songs are very soothing and charming. So this playlist consists of some of your favourite hits without which the Christmas party is incomplete. The songs are:

1. Tumi Amar Bondhu Jishu
Tumi Amar Bondhu Jishu by Sukanya Banerjee is a very pious song that is a must play in your Christmas dinner to make the ambience perfect.

2. Eshe gelo sei subho din
Eshe gelo sei subho din by Prabir Kumar Chatterjee is the most appropriate song that explains to us the beauty of Christmas and makes us do a little jig to its wonderful and bubbly tune.

3. Jishu daken tomay
Jishu daken tomay is a devotional song that awakens our devoutness and faithfulness towards our Creator in the guise of the Loving Shepherd.

4. Ogo jishu jaona dekhe
Ogo jishu jaona dekhe by Haran Chandra Makhal is a very bewitching melody that completes and upholds the true spirit of Christmas.

5. Tora Jabi Chol
Tora Jabi Chol by Maranatha! Instrumental is a call to us to come and join hands and celebrate Christmas with a lot of hustle and pomp.

6. Borodiner Mane Kojon Jaane
Borodiner Mane Kojon Jaane by Deacon Gouranga Haldar is a very heart rendering song. It is true that we have fun and enjoy this sacred event but do we really know the meaning and importance of Christmas. This eye opening melody narrates to us the true tale of Christmas and enlightens us with its meaning and feeling.

7. Elo Borodin
Elo Borodin by Gilbart Sarker marks the coming of the holy day of Christmas and kindles within us the mood of revelry and feasting.

8. Borodin borodin Jishur jonmodin
Borodin borodin Jishur jonmodin by Aradhona Roy is a very mesmerising melody which does nothing but invigorate great pomp and zest in the Christmas celebrations as it upholds the true feel of this great festival.

9. Jonmechilo je cheleti
Jonmechilo je cheleti by Aradhona Roy is a very nice and refreshing track and its serenading tune will make you hum along and sway with the lilt of its music.

10. Aj subho borodin bhai
Aj subho borodin bhai is a melody of celebration. This enticing song is the true mood setter, without which the Christmas party at your home is incomplete.

11. Bethleheme goyal ghore
Bethleheme goyal ghore by Andrew Kishore is a song commemorating the day when Jesus was born amidst us bringing with him hope, love and joy.

12. Tumi esechile
Tumi esechile by Agness Sethi & Jeffrey is a song that tells us that it was due to the birth of Christ that our sins and guilt has been washed away, and how Jesus is our only Messiah.

13. Sworgo chhere ele tumi
Sworgo chhere ele tumi is a melody that hails Jesus-our saviour and glorifies His sacrifices for atoning our sins.

14. Anandodhara
Anandodhara by Prince Shuvo is a song that celebrates the auspicious moment of Christ’s birth and how His arrival in this world marked the beginning of happiness and gaiety.

15. Priti Kusume
Priti Kusume is a very sweet song that spreads the warm message of positivity, joy and love all around and compels us to come together and serenade to its jovial tune.

These are some of the hit Bengali Christmas songs that we have selected and compiled specially for you. Boro Din manei holo Park Street e sondhye bela, Nahoum’s er cake khawa r Bow Barracks e ghure asha. R sei Boro Din e gaan na hole ki hoi? Chari dik e sajo sajo rob r majhe bheshe otha je sei sundor misti sur ganer, eitae toh Christmas er anondo. Lal tupi pore Santa seje Christmas e sobar sathe mile mishe thaka tae toh ashol. So hang the socks and clear your chimney as we welcome the arrival of dear Santa Claus and baby Jesus with some nice presents and enamouring songs. These Bengali Christmas songs will surely make this big day a very joyous and exciting one. Wishing every one of you a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year in advance.

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