Bengali Durga Puja Songs List | दुर्गा पूजा 2021

Durga Puja is the festival of the Bengalis. Not only that, it is perhaps one of the most celebrated festivals by people of all cultures throughout the world. It is a four days occasion of joy, frolic and love. Durga puja is the most awaited event. Countdown begins from a year before the exact date of this Utsav. Durga Pujo nie toh dada kono kothae hbena. Pujo manei je Kumortuli te gie agey DSLR e Devir sundor chobi tola, prochur jama kapor r jinis kena, tarpor sei char din fatie bondhu, poribar er sathe moja kora. Romoni ra sob sundor hoi saje, r dada der thekeo chokh ferano jaena. R tarpor toh Pandel hopping. Koto asadharon karigari r hather kaj. Esob er e die toiri r amader abeg die bhora ei Durga Pujo, jekhane char din er jonne Uma baaper bari feren tar sontan der sathe. Kintu eto sajo sajo rob e ki gaan chara manae? Music is the soul of every function and adds life to a party. So here is a curated playlist of Bengali Durga Puja songs just for you.

Specially Curated Playlist for Durga Puja Songs in Bengali

The songs that have been selected and compiled here are the perfect mood setters for all the four days of Durga Puja- MahaSaptami, MahaAshtami, MahaNavami and Dashami. They are:

1. Durge Durge Durgotinashini by Asha Bhonsle is a song that is a homage to Maa Durga and marks the coming of this great Durgotsav.

2. Jaago Uma from the movie Uma is a touching melody that eulogizes positivity, hopes, love, strength and valour within us.

Jaago Uma (জাগো উমা) | Uma | Jisshu | Sara | Rupankar | Anupam Roy | Srijit Mukherji | SVF

3. Aye re chute aye is a very nostalgic melody that presents to us the enthusiasm of the little innocent children who can no longer wait for the Pujas to arrive.

Kid Voice Version

4. Dhaker Taale from the film Poran Jai Jolia Re is a mandatory track that bids farewell to Devi Durga on Dashami with a tear in our eyes but with delight in our hearts and a smile on our faces and the countdown for her to come next year.

5. Aaj Bajey from Durga Sohay is a very mesmerising song that portrays in its soulful lyrics the true sentiment of Durgotsav.

Aaj Baaje Video Song আজ বাজে মন মাঝে | Durga Sohay | দুর্গা সহায়| Somchanda | Bickram Ghosh

6. Bajlo Tomar Aalor Beena is an Agamani song without which this list is just incomplete.

7. Aaj Shankhe Shankhe by Anup Ghoshal is an evergreen track that welcomes Devi Durga and asks her reverently to come and bless us and be there amidst us.

19, Aji Shankhe Shankhe . Agamoni Songs by Anup Ghoshal.

8. Dugga Mai from the film Bolo Dugga Maiki is a jovial number that is a perfect mood setter in the mandaps. It boosts up the spirit of this occasion.

9. O Thakur from the movie Bela Sheshe is soothing melody that showcases the feelings and the emotions that we Bengalis have for this much longed event.

O Thakur: Official Video Full Song | Upal Sengupta | Prashmita Paul | Belaseshe

10. Elo je Maa from the film Challenge 2 is a peppy number that is quite groovy and will make you go all gaga on the dance floor.

Elo Je Maa (এলো যে মা) | Challenge 2 | Dev | Puja | Abhijeet | Shreya Ghoshal | Jeet Gannguli | SVF

11. Jago tumi Jago is the Agomoni song that glorifies Maa Durga for defeating Mahisasur and is a prayer to her to eradicate all evil and bring only light to this dark world.

Durga Puja Song - Jago Tumi Jago জাগো তুমি জাগো | Mahalaya Song | 2023 Ghore Bose Durga Pujo | KRS

12. Dhak Baja Kashor Baja by Shreya Ghoshal is a song that will make you dance your heart out. This melody is a call to all as it declares the arrival of the festival.

DHAK BAJA KASHOR BAJA Video Song || Shreya Ghoshal || Jeet Gannguli || Durga Puja Special Songs

13. Bhubanomohini Bondi Tomare by Raghav Chatterjee is a classical song that captures the moments of Durga Puja and hails Devi Durga to guide us and protect us.

Bhubanomohini, Bondi Tomare with Lyrics | Raghab Chatterjee | Bhubanomohini - Raghab Chatterjee

14. Ebar jano onno rokom pujo from Yoddha is a beautiful track that makes us sway and serenade to it. It is quite a mood maker and sets the festivity going.

Ebar Jeno Onno Rokom Pujo | Yoddha | Dev | Mimi | Raj Chakraborty | SVF

15. Maa Durga aschen by Rema Lahiri is a wonderful melody that creates excitement within us as it announces the coming of the Goddess and the beginning of the Pujas.

Durga Puja is not just a festival but is an emotion to millions of people especially the Bengali folks. It is a season in itself that brings home people who are far away from their families, unites the hundreds of humans and spreads love everywhere. It marks the homecoming of Goddess Durga who brings along with her pure gaiety, solidarity, merriment and peace. Everywhere we find thousands of people all decked up in their best clothes and we find a world so colourful and brightly lit. In this special and auspicious occasion music acts as the spark that kindles the flare of zeal within us. And the Bengali music industry has always gifted us with super hit tracks that not only capture the essence of this festival but also make us jig and twist to their beats and rhythm. So let us come together and listen to these songs and feel the spirit of Durga Puja as the flavour of festivity and excitement is in the air all around us. Bollo Durga Mai ki Jai!!

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