The Monkees/Smash Mouth/Shrek – I’m A Believer Chords


Well, I first heard this song in the movie Shrek and loved it.. This song was originally composed by Neil Diamond and recorded by the band ‘The Monkees’ in 1966 with the lead vocals by Micky Dolenz. Though, the version in the movie Shrek was a cover by Smash Mouth

I[G] thought love was o[D]nly true in f[G]airy tales.
M[G]eant for someone e[D]lse but not for [G]me.
L[C]ove was out to g[G]et me;
T[C]hat’s the way it s[G]eemed;
D[C]isappointment h[G]aunted all my d[D]reams

Chorus :
Then I saw her f[G]ace [C] [G]
Now I’m a beli[G]ever [C] [G]
Not a tr[G]ace [C] [G] of doubt in my m[G]ind [C] [G]
I’m in l[G]o—[C]ve; I’m a beli[G]ever, I couldn’t le[F]ave her if I t[D7]ried.

I[G] thought love was more or less a g[G]ivin’ thing
It see[G]ms the more I g[D]ave the less I [G]got
W[C]hat’s the use in tr[G]yin’
A[C]ll you get is p[G]ain
W[C]hen I needed sun[G]shine I got [D]rain.