Raabta Fingestyle guitar cover by Lalit Karel #Featured

Raabta Fingestyle Guitar cover Lalit

Raabta Fingestyle Guitar cover Lalit

Today we are featuring an amazing Fingerstyle guitarist his name is Lalit Karel, He is a self taught FingerStyle player as we heard some of his guitar covers like Raabta we found that he’s having an amazing talent .. if he would keep practicing then he would be an amazing guitar player from Kolkata, India.
Lalit karel is having about 6+ years of Experience but it’s been just 1 year he started playing fingerstyle and that is too Self taught 😀

Let’s tune to Lalit karel’s Raabta Fingerstyle Guitar Cover 


The Fingerstyle Guitar cover of the Raabta song is on the Standard tuning..He didn’t used any Gadget to record the Raabta Fingerstle Guitar cover, He simply recorded the audio first then with some mixing he made the above video of Raabta Fingerstyle Guitar cover.

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