M.S Dhoni Besabriyaan Guitar chords with Strumming Pattern


M.S Dhoni Besabriyaan Guitar chords with Strumming Pattern

guitar chords of Besabriyaan Guitar chords

guitar chords of Besabriyaan Guitar chords

Hi Everyone We are again up with the Chords of Besabriyaan Guitar chords from M.S Dhoni, The M.S Dhoni movie is going to be a good movie so let’s talk about the chords of song Besabriyaan M.S Dhoni Movie.
The chords of Besabriyaan Guitar chords are quite easy and even the beginners can play it so fluently, The 4 chords are used in the Besabriyaan Guitar chords out of which one is minor while all other chords are major chords. Let’s Have a look at the Guitar Chords of Besabriyaan Chords with Strumming Pattern.

Besabriyaan Guitar chords – M.S Dhoni

D Chord (x00232)
Bm (Bminor Chord) (224432) barre Chord
G Chord (320033)
A Chord(x02220)

Strumming Pattern of Besabriyaan Guitar Strumming Pattern – M.S Dhoni

D UUD ( For Slow part of the Besabariyaan song )

DDD UDUD D DU ( For High Tempo Part )

D – Down Strum
U – Up Strum

Guitar Chords of Besabriyaan Guitar Chords

[D] Raaste bhaage
[Bm] Paanv se aage
[G] Zindagi se chal
Kuch [A] aur bhi maange [x2]

Kyun soch[Bm]na hai [A] jaana ka[G]haan
Jaaye wa[Bm]hin
le[A]jaaye ja[G]haan
Besabri[D]yaan…[A] aa…[G]aha [x4]

[Instrumental :]


[D] Kadmon pe tere
[G] baadal jhukenge
[D] Jab tak tujhe
[G] yeh ehsaas hai
[D] Jaaghir teri,
[G] tera khazana
[D] Ye tishnagi hai
[G] Ye pyas hai [A]aaa..

Kyun rok[Bm]na
ab [A] ye kar[G]vaan
Jaaye wa[Bm]hi
le[A]jaaye ja[G]haan
Besabri[D]yaan…[A]aa…[G]aha [x4]

*((Rest of the song is on the same chords as above ))

Kya ye ujaale
Kya ye andhere
Dono se aage hai manzar tere

Kyun roshni tu baahar talaashe
Teri mashaale ander tere….

Kyun dhoondna pairon ke nishaan
Jaaye wahin le jaaye jahan
Besabri[D]yaan…[A]aa…[G]aha [x4]

Guitar cover of Besabriyaan Guitar Cover (Provided by Regular Visitor)

Here we got one of the latest song from MS DHONI Besabriyaan – The Untold Story , now also can also play this amazing song with these Guitar Chord of Besabriyaan Guitar chords with Strumming Pattern – M.S Dhoni ..