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A Guitar is a musical instrument which is very popular . We’re guessing that you already know it is some sort of musical instrument . It is a string instrument . It makes sound because of its strings vibrations . The sound hole is used to amplify or enhance these vibrations .

The sound hole can be of any shape. The guitar which do not have the sound holes then we amplify the string vibrations using the amplifier .

There are several types of guitar and three main types of modern Guitar are –

  • Classical Guitar (Nylon-string Guitar)
  • Acoustic Guitar(Steel-string Guitar)
  • Electric Guitar(use amplifier)

Classical Guitar

A classical guitar, also called a Spanish guitar, is also an acoustic guitar . It have nylon strings and its fretboard is broader then then simple Acoustic Guitar(Steel-string guitar). It is mostly used for Plucking (a playing technique)

Acoustic Guitar

Acoustic guitar are the most common guitars .They have the steel-strings . It is made up of wood

Electric Guitar

Electric Guitars are the guitar which need an amplifier to amplify the sound or vibrations of the string. It is heavier than the Acoustic and classical Guitars and it looks more good than a simple Acoustic guitar or a classical guitar

Guitar for beginners

Acoustic guitars are highly recommended if you are a beginner .

And never buy too much high range guitar if you are beginner and always try to buy the genuine Guitar .

I have Yamaha F310 and earlier I was having a local guitar and i just practiced on that after sufficient learning I bought Yamaha F310 .


  • In starting you will feel bored if you may not be able to play well . But never think to leave playing Guitar Because in staring it take sometime to play well,
  • You can learn it in near about 6 months If you take tutions from a good guitarist. who don’t just think about making the money.
  • Take the tutions of near about 18 months.
  • Always try to compose your own songs.
  • Alwasys sing along with the Guitar and try to put your voice according to your guitar.

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