Beginner’s guitar Guide


Beginner  Tips

-Practice Regularly

-Have patience , Keep tryingyes you can do it.

-If  you are  a super beginner first try finger exercise  to make your  finger more flexible.Don’t directly start with chords.

-If you are  learning on chords then first try to make  chords shape on guitar then l try to play exact chords.when i was a beginner i use to play chords but not  exact.just the chord shape.I use to move my fingers on fretboard. Once i got comfortable  with it  i started playing the exact chords.It takes time to get comfortable with the fretboard. but don’t loose hope.just keep in mind that you can do it. Once you got comfortable you going to have aewsome fun with your guitaring. some people find it difficult to play strumming .keep your hand moving smoothly upward and downward. strumming has 4 bar means four count.  later i will write on strumming.


Many People find difficult to play strumming pattern While learning the guitar and the notes, and chords, some guitarist  find it difficult to actually play the chords of a song in a basic strumming pattern. 

Most of the songs are usually based on 8th note or 16th note strumming pattern. It has 4 beat. (one-two-three-four=count this in your mind and tap your foot on each count)

 For 8th note it is |1&2&|3&4&|   that  means      |DUDU|DUDU|   8 strokes

 For 16th note it is |1e&a|2e&a|3e&a|4e&a| that means |DUDU|DUDU|DUDU|DUDU| 16 strokes.

Your hand should move at same speed down up down up continuosly.

For example

 |D-D-D-D| it means simple 4 down strokes .1 down on each beat.

 |DUDUDUDU| it means  4 down strokes and 4 up strokes .1 down and 1up on each beat.

 |D*D*DUDU| it is down miss down miss down up down up.It shouldn’t be like u play a down stroke then pause and play another down stroke your hand should be continuously moving at same speed upward and downward. you need to skip the miss on 1st beat 1 down, 2nd beat down , then on 3rd beat play down and up ,on 4th beat play down up.

|{D*DU}{*UD*}{*U*U}{D*DU}| it means down miss down up miss up down miss miss up miss up down miss down up.  You need to skip missing UP’s and DOWN’s. 
  1st beat    2nd        3rd       4th
    DDU       UD         UU     DDU

We have triplet strumming pattern as well |DUD|DUD|.  Their is a difference here compared to 8th & 16th note strumming technique .After (DUD) usually we have an upstroke but in triplet strumming technique we have a downstroke .We need to get the rhythm and tempo right by playing long and short notes.